How Does Cloud Hosting Work?

Benefits-of-Cloud-ComputingCloud hosting stands out as one web hosting service that is not properly understood and it is really easy to understand why since we are talking about a group of connected servers that are connected in order to increase all the features that are offered. The connected servers are what are known as cluster or cloud and they make it possible for users to gain access to a very interesting hosting technology.

We have various features like power, memory, processing power and hard drives that are practically shared. You can easily add or remove a server, which is the best part for all the users. This basically means that if one server malfunctions, another server is used. Cloud hosting providers like will make sure that there is no downtime and that all the resources that are necessary to keep an app or site going are available at all times.

In order to better understand how cloud hosting works, here are some facts that you have to know more about:

  • Uptime - With almost all cloud hosting packages you will receive an uptime that is better as compared to the traditional hosting services. Since the site will be done less, you end up with more money in your pockets as you do not have to fear the fact that conversions will not be made as the site is down. There are extremely rare cases in which a cloud hosting package will experience downtime in the event that there is a server network problem that leads to improper communication but that is a lot less often than with other hosting solutions.
  • Scalability - You can easily subtract or add resources that are necessary or not needed anymore, without being forced to move to a brand new server. This type of flexibility will give you a complete control over spending and you can adjust as the business grows.
  • Integration Of Technology - Cloud hosting gives you access to many different technologies that can be used at the same time, something that is not popular with regular hosting options. The most common example is the use of .asp and .php files at the same time, even in the same folder as the technologies required to run the files would be drawn in from the cloud. You are thus faced with an even higher flexibility and you can take advantage of really modern features without having to make high financial investments.
  • No Need To Install Hardware – Because of the fact that you are connected to different servers at the same time, you do not have to add software or hardware. All that you have to do is connect to a specific server located in the cloud that has what you currently need.

As you can easily notice, flexibility stands out as the biggest advantage that is offered by cloud hosting. You can so easily take advantage of this and since it is almost always that you save money, hosting sites and applications on the cloud stands out as something that you have to consider.

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