How cPanel Web Hosting Works

cPanel is a web hosting management service that was specially designed to ease the work of website administration. The software presents an interface that makes takes out the tedious work of having to deal with raw code in the management of a website.

This interface provided by cPanel has grown over a number of years, leading it to become the go-to web hosting service in use all over the world. Over 97 per cent of the web-hosting services that you come across are likely to be running cPanel software.

cPanel has cornered the market of website hosting and effectively squeezed out other services and interfaces. This has been down to the savvy resellers who have spawned a very large number of different brands all offering web hosting services.

The kicker is; all these brands offer the same cPanel hosting services and when you get down to the basics of it all, the prices offered are the same or similar.


So what exactly does the software do?

The developer, cPanel Inc., developed this web hosting software so that companies and individuals can run and administer their websites through the simple interface provided.

The simplicity of the way the cPanel software functions has spawned numerous web hosting services that provide servers on which various websites can be hosted.

Utilizing a three tiered structure, the control panel offers control down the chain. In other words, administrators, resellers and end –user website owners have the ability to effect changes on the website depending on where along the chain they find themselves.

What makes cPanel particularly popular is the API panel that it possesses. This brings a whole new world to the interface through personalization. The API panel is used by the coder and third party vendors to add their own processes as well as other automated functions that further ease the administration of a web site.

What key features have made cPanel so popular?

As any web site owner or user will know, sites have to be shut down temporarily so that the developers can add some new features and other upgrades and maintenance. cPanel makes this process very efficient.

The site maintenance feature has numerous areas that you can go to so that you can install and uninstall FrontPage Extensions. You can also create the ideal ‘site down’ page that lets users know that there is maintenance going on.

cPanel is also quite adept at database management. This is mainly due to its seamless integration of software packages that are mainly meant for this kind of work. Its integration of MySQL and PHP and Apache shows just how wide a range of packages are compatible with it.

Email functions of cPanel software are unrivalled. With this feature, one can be able to create their own email accounts, change passwords of the account, add auto responders as well as block unwanted emails and filter out spam.

How is cPanel different from other web hosting control panels?

As earlier stated, cPanel offers an intuitive interface that lets even the most novice of web site owners have the ability to administer their site. Other services, Dreamweaver for example, require that the administrator of a web site have some coding knowledge to be able to control their site.

Perhaps the single most attractive thing about the cPanel software is the fact that add-ons are easily attached. Add-ons ease the use of the website and are always evolving due to the changing requirements that people need online.

The cPanel server interface also comes along with a Web Hosting Manager that takes all the difficulty out of the entire process of watching over your website.

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