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Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 15.55.13We all struggle to keep track of the web pages we browse while writing a researched article, an assignment, creating a project report, or making business plans. When we try to retrieve bookmarks, we spend a lot of time scrolling to find the last webpage we used. Bookmarks are basically web pages that we visited and starred, as we browse through different sites. It comes handy especially when you have to discontinue work and close the browser for a certain period of time. Just imagine having to do all the research all over again if there were no Bookmarks. At least we can get back to the webpages we saved as favorites. However; there is one drawback in Bookmarks and Pocket that they do not have the capacity to store bookmarks as specific target folders that are easy to locate and open. Usually with these applications, you can find your bookmarked pages, but you have to either remember what webpage it was that you were looking for, or scroll down through the entire list of bookmarks that you would have saved over a period of time. This makes it tedious and cumbersome.

A new solution to an old problem

As an answer to these issues faced in Bookmarks and Pockets, the current version of is an ideal bookmarking solution.

We’ll look at some of the factors that make the current version of different from Pocket and bookmarks.

1. You can save web page links related to specific topics in one folder

How much trouble and effort can be saved if web page links related to specific topics could be segregated and stored in a single folder. Even if you decided to stop your work for the day, you could just open your system the next day and resume work without having to run your brain to remember the webpage you needed or browse through your list of bookmarks.

2. Automatically extract search queries instead of tags and save them with links

A saved webpage link in are saved based on your search keywords that you used, to search the web page, thus eliminating the need to create a separate tag to describe your saved web page link.

3. Don’t miss on any links

By searching all links stored in, you can see which web page links have been saved by the same search query, and you can see what links you might have missed.

How does it work?

It works on the simple principle of saving the webpage that you are interested in for future reference straightaway to and extract it when needed based on the search word you used to find the webpage initially. You don’t even need to tag it, unlike in bookmarks and Pocket.

With such great features, is the perfect solution for those weighed down with lots of work and little time to organize. Let help you get organized. You can even import webpage links stored in Bookmarks and Pocket and get it organized within immediately, so that you don’t miss out on anything.

You can even browse popular webpages that are stored in with the help of Search option. This helps you know what other users are browsing with the same search keyword that you would have overlooked.

You can sign up for free at and get started today. Don’t miss out on any important webpage links anymore. Get organized and be on top, whether in your business, college, school or in your personal blogging business.


As always safety is foremost and with enhanced security features you can keep your browsing sessions and saved webpages private. is not just a service for storing links like bookmarks or Pocket, but the use-It-later service manages the web page links based on the assumption that you will use them later!Get this convenient and innovative application installed today and live hasslefree.

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