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Mystique of World building Word

In the past, we used to search mouse. Now we use the click of the mouse to search the information about the Universe on the internet. Google has made this search a reality and its inception has crossed 18 years along with its virtual miracles. Google is one of the essential and inseparable components of the above-mentioned search. The journey of Google and Google services itself is historic and holds historic significance too. To begin with its importance, Google has pioneered and revolutionized virtually the entire gamut of human and technological activities on the planet Earth and beyond it also. It has transformed and innovated how we link, think, mingle, move, work, organize and a lot of more significant aspects in the era of human technology civilization.

Google’s development has been synonymous to the entire developmental phases of human life: birth hood, childhood, teenagehood, adulthood, old age but not death. Reason being, our pattern of living has been mingled with Google in such a way that we cannot imagine our life without Google -just like fish without water. Consequently, we will decode mystique, evolution and subsequent revolution of Google in the following literature.

To start with Statistics of Google,Google searchhas over 15 crore hits in a time span of 24 hours every day.

How it all began and happened?

In 1995, two students of Stanford University,Larry PageandSergey Brin, possessing entrepreneurial spirit were working on a dissertation. The objective of this dissertation transformed to innovating “BlackRub.” BlackRub was a precursor to today’s Internet search engine Google. The above mentioned two co-founders revolutionized the entire mechanism of the world and helped it in becoming Global Village.

Services offered by Google

Google offers a wide range of products and services. They are broadly categorized in

  1. Web-based Products-It includes
  1. Mobile Applications – It includes all the services provided via mobile like Google news, E-Mail, Google calendar, Google Maps etc.
  2. Operating System- It has incorporated the Operating System of Computer like Android, Google TV, and Chrome OS etc.
  3. Desktop Applications – It includes Google Chrome, AdWords Editor, Google Earth etc.
  4. Security Tools like reCAPTHA
  5. Development tools like Google Developers, Google Swifty etc.
  6. Hardware Services like Nexus S, Pixel C etc.
  7. And host of other Miracle services

Is there any alternative to Google?

Although there are over 200 search engines but there are only next best alternatives to Google. Thought the top 10 search engines are prominent —Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, AOL etc, however, It is important to mention that more than nearly 70 per cent of online search requests across the globe is responded by Google. It is the biggest library of Planet Earth. Further, the name Google is derived from the mathematical term “googol’ which means 1 followed by 100 zeros.

Unbelievable! Google also faced a crisis.

Like Other Successful People, Management of Google also faced a crisis in Formative Years.

The two co-cofounders – Larry Page and Sergey Brin – struggled during the crunch of money as they had to uplift Google and establish it as a brand. Although in those times, Brin doubled the business office and Page was regulating Data of Google, however, everything was not alright. This was the time when Andy Bechtolsheim, founding father of Sun Microsystems, lent helping hand to google and provided $ 100k cheque. Further above-mentioned co-founders of Google raised $ 1 million through their well-wishers and investors. These developments infused life to Google Inc.

Mechanics of Google Hub

As one of the biggest company, Google has a transparent Backup system. It has four data center facilities. Consequently, if one fails or goes down there are other three data center facilities to assist. Further, each data center facility has 3,000 Google machines.

Google mainly operates in three Industries – Internet, Computer Software and Computer Hardware. It employs nearly 57,000 employees worldwide.

Google Inc. is not a parent company

Surprisingly, Google is also a subsidiary of conglomerate Alphabet Inc. founded by the co-founders of Google. The portfolio of Alphabet Inc. comprises a list of various Industries: Technology, investment capital, life sciences, research and few more. The subsidiaries of Alphabet Inc. other than Google are Verily, Calico, GV and host of others entities. Brian is the President of Alphabet Inc. and Page is CEO of Alphabet Inc. However CEO of Google isSundar Pichai.

Alphabet’s Market Capitalization on Feb 1, 2016, was nearly $ 517 billion.

USP of Google

It is difficult for other search engines to substitute Google as it is the oldest search engine among a host of search engines and highly popular and interactive too. In the year 2007, Google had over more one million servers across the Globe. Each day, Google trawls over 290 million global websites

It is the most valuable company across the globe with a nearly worth of nearly $520 billion.

As already mentioned, Google search has over 15 crore hits in a time span of every 24 hours i.e. one day.

However, this is not the end because at every end there is always new beginning in Google’s history.

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