Getting a .Online Domain Helps Businesses be Seen on the Web

In today’s day in age, it is more important than ever to have an online presence. More people are working from home and spending time online. When someone needs something, they search for it online. If you are ready to take your business online, it is important to consider the best domain names for online business. Online has risen to become a popular new domain extension. There are more than a million domain names already registered and this number is growing. The .Online domain is a great choice because the word ‘online’ can be understood in more than 24 languages. This helps business owners to build a universal brand and be seen all over the world.

Who Should Use .Online?

Anyone who is striving for an online presence should consider .Online. It is a terrific domain for bloggers, solopreneurs, personal profiles, start-ups, and small and medium businesses. Since this domain extension is up and coming, it is more likely that you will be able to find the perfect domain name for your site. It also makes it clear that you are an online business, allowing you more creativity with your name. When you use .Online, you will feel confident that search engines will send traffic your way. Since many people use the term ‘online’ when searching, such as ‘buy toys online,’ your business will be understood to be relevant.

Who is Already Using .Online?

There are some big names with a huge number of followers already using .Online. Social media influencers such as Pam Moorewith over 300,000 followers and columnists such as Gene Marks with more than 500,000 followers are using .Online. You-Tube creators and bloggers such as Amy Landino and Marina Mogilko have found a home with .Online. Jeff Bullas, a top influencer of CMO’s, and Ryan Foland, who appears in the Top TED lists by Forbes use.Online. There are many more big names and your business could be the next success story. There are all sorts of websites utilizing the .Online domain extension. There are apparel companies, food and beverage companies, travel sites, media sites, and those providing services.

Why Use .Online?

There are many reasons to use .Online. This name can evolve with your company. If your name changes, it is likely you can still find the new domain available. People are realizing that there are more domains out there than just .com. Some domains feel very specialized, like .tech, while .Online is very broad and open to any business or site. It describes an online presence, which anyone can utilize. This means that it can be seamlessly integrated into a physical site for a business so that an online and physical presence is possible.

Why Take My Business Online?

The answer to this question is becoming more obvious, but some brick and mortar establishments might still need convincing about taking their business online. Here are a few reasons to take the plunge and get your business online.

Prove that you are a Serious Business

If someone wants to learn more about your business before contacting you or visiting in person, it’s important that they can find a professional website with valuable information. An online presence can boost someone’s opinion about your company before even setting foot in the physical location. It can also get more people in the door, or set the stage for offering delivery or online purchases.

Constant Availability

Having a website means that potential customers can find you even outside of regular business hours. If you set up an e-commerce site, customers can even order your products outside of regular business hours. This can be a huge boost to sales and a way to reach new customers in totally different geographic areas.

It’s Inexpensive to Start

Building a site and starting online is relatively inexpensive. There is a cost upfront, but the returns can offset these costs very quickly. There are also many outlets for marketing, such as social media to bring attention to your site.

Saves Money Over Time

When orders are placed online, the purchase orders and payment can be received by e-mail or the information can be placed directly into a database. This can cut the need for a customer service staff who would input this information. Office expenses can be cut and hopefully you will also be making more sales.

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