Get Reviewed Service: An Overview

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 02.03.12Get Reviewed is an advertising service created to benefit both advertisers and bloggers equally. The advertisers can get exposure to their products by getting reviews from influential bloggers for a fee. This will help them earn more revenue from their products by increasing their online recognition. Digital marketing is all about getting an online audience to know about a product and just posting online is not enough. Advertisers need someone to actually communicate to people positively about them. Get Reviewed is here to help advertisers achieve this in an easy and effective way by connecting them with expert bloggers.

Bloggers also benefit by earning a reasonable amount of money just by writing honest reviews about products from clients. For those who don’t know yet, blogging is actually a well-paying career and Get Reviewed is here to introduce bloggers to a simple and genuine way of earning money online just by sharing honest insights with people about different products and services.


As soon as advertisers or bloggers join Get Reviewed, they get exposure to several benefits and features. The features include:


Get Reviewed helps advertisers by enabling their products to reach the public in the easiest and most effective manner. The blogger reviews will ensure readers are informed about products and motivated to buy. Advertisers have the freedom to browse through the website and choose their desired blogger depending on their needs and product niche.

Cheap rates

Advertisers don’t have to worry about bloggers charging them outrageous costs since at Get Reviewed works with pre-set rates that will ensure they don’t get overcharged and the blogger is not underpaid either. Whatever the cost, they guarantee value for money spent with expert bloggers whose blogs are highly influential and will ensure advertisers reach their target market within a short time.

Individually reviewed bloggers

Get Reviewed doesn’t just work with any other blogger out there. The bloggers go through a careful selection process ensuring they can deliver up to clients’ expectations. Get Reviewed team ensure that bloggers are well-established, with high domain authority.

Weekly notifications

Once advertisers register with Get Reviewed, they are never left behind on any new information as they get weekly notifications about new blogs.

No payout limits

Get Reviewed ensures bloggers can withdraw their money any time as soon as they get paid with no withdrawal amount limits.

How it works

Many people nowadays trust blogs to offer them honest information about products before they make a purchase decision. For this reason, advertisers are looking for highly influential bloggers to review their products at a fee. Getting many visitors on their website and earning a good revenue is a key goal of every digital marketer out there. Get Reviewed helps marketers achieve this in the easiest and quickest way possible.

Quality service is Get Reviewed’s top priority; hence they only work with quality blogs and very influential bloggers to ensure advertisers achieve their goals in the shortest time possible. Before a blogger is accepted, they must go through a thorough selection process which ensures only bloggers with well established web presence and high domain authority websites are selected. Get Reviewed leaves no room for chance since they want to ensure their clients are fully satisfied.

They take it upon themselves to make sure the word gets to the clients out there in a fast and an easy way by highlighting sponsored blogs to the subscribers.

Advertisers have complete freedom when choosing a blogger they want to work with. They can simply browse through the website for bloggers who have registered their websites there and click the one they are confident will provide the best service according to their requirements.

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