Four Surprising Ways Mommy Bloggers Have Grown in Popularity

ferfegtwrBack in the day, blogging was just another form of having an online journal. Readers would check on their favorite bloggers to learn about developments such as changes to their lifestyle, moving, or a picture-filled vacation. Today, mommy bloggers dominate, reaching women from all across the world, with their beliefs, recommendations, and lifestyle help. They have become mini-celebrities in their own right, as they take over the internet. Here are four ways that mommy bloggers have increased in popularity, and become a tribe, bringing women of all walks of life together.

They Help Moms Know They Are Not Alone

Most moms, especially those with small children, may feel like they are alone, or the only parents struggling. Going through difficult stages such as teething, potty training, bullying in school, and children driving can be hard for parents to handle. Mommy bloggers who focus on tackling these issues in their blogs can give hope to other women who feel uncertain, and even offer their perspective on how to deal with the problem at hand. Some women are taking it a step further, and revealing how to join their ranks of mommy bloggers across the world.

Mommy Blogging is a Business Opportunity

Many women struggle to find a balance between earning money and taking care of their children at the same time. It can be difficult to find and afford childcare to work outside the home. Mom blogging solves the problem by offering the opportunity to earn money while working at home. The best part is, children can be an integral part of the business. Mom blogging offers the chance to make money through various forms of monetization such as:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Ads
  • Reviews of products

It isn’t hard to find plans breaking down the blogging process. Rather than struggle with a way of life that doesn’t work for them, mom bloggers can work their business around their home, children, health and other needs that come up in their daily lives. Mom bloggers are finding that they can review products and include them on YouTube, or other outlets where people are likely to view what they have to offer. This can attract more than fellow moms, making it easy for them to make a sale.

Mommy Blogging Offers Low Overhead

With many businesses, owners might find themselves out of money as they spend on items for their business. This could include everything from inventory to an office space where they can operate out of. Mom bloggers don’t have to worry about this. The only things they need to be concerned with (at least in the beginning) are a stable internet connection they can rely on to get work done, and a stable hosting plan that will allow them to work their blog, and sell products that others are interested in purchasing. A low investment means it’s easier for busy women to get started on quickly, and less hassle than worrying about a loan or other processes that come with starting up a brand new business.

Companies Are Taking Mommy Bloggers Seriously

As mom bloggers gain loyal followers and those who are committed to purchasing products they either offer or suggest, this has changed the way that companies view them. Before, mom bloggers wouldn’t captivate as much interest. Now, companies want to hear what they have to say, and see firsthand how mom bloggers can reach a wider audience. This is partly because their testimonials come from real individuals, and not models or actors paid to endorse the product. By creating relationships and a willingness to understand the needs of mom bloggers, these companies will gain further benefits in the form of loyalty and new customers who might not have listened to them previously.

As blogging becomes a popular form of marketing and advertising, and mom bloggers continue to reach new audiences, the field will not stop expanding. Mom bloggers have been helpful in showing how they deal with rough points in their lives, especially as it relates to their children. They reach a wider audience than traditional advertising, which means its easier to find new interested consumers. Blogging has a low overhead, which makes it easier for women who are watching their money. It allows them to get started without purchasing a lot. There are several different ways they can choose to make money off their blog too, which offers flexibility for both the bloggers and their readers. Mom blogging is a field that will increase in those writing and producing content as time goes on.

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