Empower Your Documents With High Standard Proofreading And Editing

Everything you write or you publish will reflect on your personality and business. No matter how meaningful your thoughts, if your work is full of errors and mistakes you will never get appreciated for your writing. Your talent and credibility will be diminished under those errors and mistakes. Even a website, sales brochure, banners and tweets also corrected by method like proofreading to make them more meaningful and impressive. A content that is written in good correct English reflects your thinking and persona among the people. Many big scientists and Journalist use proofreading services before publishing their article or Research work.Docfixers

What is Proofreading & Editing?

Proofreading and editing are the techniques which are used to check errors and other mistake in a document. The skill of proofreading is necessary for everyone, whether you are a writer or a student or someone who creates lot of office document. No matter the content which you writes there are some procedures which everyone has to follow before writing a document. Some of the most common proofreading errors are spelling mistake, grammatical mistakes, accuracy and decency. In other words we can say proofreading is special kind of a slow process that is used for removing mistakes from the documents.

Why would I need proofreading Service?

Proofreading is necessary is necessary because a well proofreader document can emphasize your words and thoughts. Many of highly intelligent, successful business people and professionals are lacking of skills over English grammar, spelling and punctuation, even they also used proofreading and editing services to get their work done. Proofreading is very efficient and cost effective way to correct and check your documents while you get on with your main business. Most of the people have English as their second language they can use proofreading services to make their writing more meaningful and rich.

What are the types?

Proofreading can be done for Academic work as well as professional work. Both type of work has its own importance and we won’t take any one lightly. Academic work such as Essays, Journals, Thesis, and even resume needs to be proofread to deliver the best. In academic documents errors like redundancy, repetition of words, academic tone and style matters a lot. Even Bibliography and other references also need to be proofread for best results. On the other hand Business proofreading is much more sensitive than academic one. In business proofreading we have confidential emails, investment documents, market researches, tender documents and formal letters to proofread. Most people have this misconception that editing and proofreading is the same thing. Actually these are two different stages of the revision process. Both need close checking and deep knowledge, also they focus on different aspects of the writing and employ different techniques. Editing is basically to re read the document and organize it so that the transitions between the paragraphs become smooth and clear. It is a preliminary stage of document checking process. Editing can be based on several levels such as:

• Structure of the document
• Style of writing
• Clarity in words and thoughts
• Proper content and ideas

Proofreading is considered as final stage of editing, it is a process in which we check error and other mistakes in a document that is written by someone else. Proofreading can be done on following levels:

• Spelling Mistakes
• Grammatical Mistakes
• Accuracy
• Decency
• Punctuation Mistakes
• Tenses
• Capitalization
• Subject-verb disagreement

Many professional writers and bloggers use their own professional techniques; they might be boring and dull for you. But you can always hire a professional or proofreading service like docfixers to proofread your documents because a proofread document can change your life. Some Proofreading agencies will give you a free trial so that you can assure you work is in right hands. An error less document always makes a good impression about the author that he values his writing and thoughts.

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