Do’s and Don’ts of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has certainly become a beauty phenomenon in recent years due to the simplicity of utilising powerful lasers to remove any unwanted body hair. Laser hair removal saves all the time and hassle of frequently shaving and the hair remains shorter for longer in comparison to other methods. With the demand now rising for laser hair removal services, many salons are now offering such treatments helping to keep their clients fuzz-free. However, the procedure is not risk-free, with burns and scarring being the most common complication. Also, as with many beauty treatments, there can be a huge difference in quality of care offered by different beauty technicians and salons. If you are thinking of having laser hair treatment there are a few do’s and don’ts you should be aware of before committing to an appointment.

DO Your Research

It is important to get all the relevant information regarding laser hair treatment prior to an appointment. Information to obtain could include: how it works, the possible risks involved, what actions to take following the laser hair removal treatment and what results to expect, to name just a few. You could either visit a salon to receive this information which will also give you the opportunity to ask questions face to face with an expert or alternatively there is lots of information available to you on the internet, just make sure you are reading information from a trusted source.

DO Shave 24 hours before

In order for the laser treatment to locate your follicles to inhibit hair growth you must shave a day before your treatment, making sure to use a new and clean razor. You must shave and not wax or thread before having laser hair removal, as waxing will prevent the lasers from locating your hair follicles, leading to a poor treatment outcome.

DO visit a reputable organisation

As there are risks involved with laser hair treatment, it is important to only put your trust in a reputable organisation that practices in a safe, legal and clean environment. Make sure the individual is fully trained and qualified to carry out the treatment and if you are worried about anything ask before the treatment starts. It may be beneficial to consult with the practitioner regarding what results you would like to achieve in order to establish whether laser hair removal treatment is the most appropriate option available to you. There are other options such as waxing, threading or hair removal creams that may be more suitable to your needs and budget. The practitioner should ask you if you have any allergies or medical conditions to guarantee the treatment is safe for you, they may also ask for your skin type and natural hair colour to determine whether the treatment will be effective for you.

DO make yourself aware of the possible side effects

Minor side effects are possible with laser hair removal that you should be aware of, however they should disappear after a couple of days. These could include; itching, slight tingling or pain of the area, irritation of the hair follicles, redness around the area being treated or even swelling. It is important to monitor these side effects and if they do not subside you may need to visit a GP to get checked out.

DO allocate sufficient time

Depending on where you get lasered will alter how long the treatment will take, underarm or bikini line will take much less time than a leg treatment. Treatments times can range anywhere from 1 hour to 20 mins, and to achieve the desired results you will have to have patience and visit the salon at least 6 times with a few weeks in between each visit. Therefore laser hair treatment is not a quick fix to hair removal but does have long term results if you can wait it out.

DON’T have hot showers

Your skin will be very sensitive to heat for up to 48 hours following a laser hair treatment, consequently you must not have hot showers in order to prevent any damage or pain. It is important to keep your skin cool after receiving laser hair treatment.

DON’T forget your sunscreen & to exfoliate

As aforementioned your skin will be extremely sensitive, especially to heat, following laser hair treatment, this area of your skin will need protection from the sun for up to 8 weeks after the removal process. So stock up on sunscreen before the treatment and you will have plenty of sunscreen available to put on – you will need this to avoid serious sunburn.

DON’T aggravate the area

Again following the treatment the lasered area will be very sensitive, therefore it is crucial to not aggravate the area. Avoid deodorant, moisturisers, medications, makeup or any perfumed products for at least 24 hours after the treatment. Once this time has passed you can start slowly reintroducing these products to the treated area as part of your beauty regime.

DON’T expect permanent results

One important aspect of laser hair removal is to remember the process will not deliver permanent results, your hair will still grow back eventually but it will be lighter, finer and thinner thus over time you may need top-up laser hair removal treatments.


As this process of hair removal involves lasers there is an element of risk involved and the beautician has a duty of care to you. If the treatment does not go to plan or a client has been misinformed about the treatment or its related risks, you may be able to claim compensation. Scarring, blisters and burns can all occur on the rare occasion where the treatment is carried out incorrectly, in these cases you are entitled to claim for cosmetic negligence. Seek out legal advice on laser hair removal burns. You will need photographs of the injury you have received as evidence, a medical report to act as written evidence of the damage by your doctor, all the information you were given regarding the treatment from the beauty salon or clinic and proof of expenses of any direct costs you have encountered as a consequence of the treatment going wrong (for example, prescription fees, any loss of income or childcare costs).

If you have any questions, please ask below!