Custom Logo Designing: 5 Elements to Detect a Scam

Logo Printed PenOn the canvas flourish “logo designer discounts”. For less than one hundred euros you can have a logo for your business! But what lies behind these amazing deals, even enticing? Does graphic designer who paid a relatively expensive school and equally expensive tools would spend several days doing a logo for less than a hundred euros? Probably not! We will try to understand these offers and these providers that offer an important element of the visual identity of a company for a few euros only. And we will try to see if these offers can be good business for companies that purchase.

1. No vector format

The vector format is a format that allows you to enlarge its logo or graphical creation without loss of quality, unlike the bitmap format which is composed of pixels. If a designer or agency does not offer your logo design in vector format (.ai or .eps) in addition to your usual bitmap format (.png and .jpg), go your way. Indeed there is a strong chance that the logo they are offering is made on Photoshop (photo editor and not graphic design), or worse: it was purchased, or even downloaded online. In this case you’ll simply a copy of another existing logo, and you can not enlarge.

2. No specifications

The specification is essential before making a graphic project. It brings together your needs and your desires, colors and shapes you want. The work of a designer is to guide you when you make your specifications, and then make sure that your creation looks like your instructions. If you do not meet the specifications of you may not be fully satisfied with the work. Worse, the designer come out you may be a scale model of a logo design made at earlier and which had not been retained by the customer. Do you really want to have the remains of a prior customer when you go to a restaurant?

3. A logo made 24 or 48 hours

Many sites offer logos made in record time: 24 to 48 hours most of the time. So yes it is possible to make one logo in such a short time if the customer is really rush and he needs it immediately, but it is not possible to make dozens of logos per month so little time, and then the designer spends his day taking coke and LSD, and in this case I advise him to apply with us or another agency. Seriously a logo is an artistic creation, and not in two days of work that we can have a satisfactory result. Especially when there are several proposals models.

4. No copyright assignment

The copyright assignment is a small leaf that the agency or the site gives you the delivery of your logo in order to allow you to protect your logo at the authorized bodies such as the INPI. Somehow they acknowledge having created this logo for you and only for you, and this logo design is yours. You can protect your creation for a competitor does not make the same! If you order a custom logo no worries you’ll have your assignment of copyright.

5. A logo within a hundred euros

As we said in the intro, a talented designer spend 20 hours or more to make a logo for only one hundred euros? This would mean that his work is less than 5 euros an hour, 3 if the loads are removed. Seriously, the answer is no. To make a living from his work, a designer would have to charge at least 20 euros per hour, which will be 400 euros if he puts 20 hours. You see, although these discount offers are impossible from an economic point of view, it is necessary that people live. Unless these logos are made abroad? Not when same!


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