Services Review: Get Number of Designs through Contests

Crowdsite is one of the most popular European website that helps you to run contest for the services that you want from people. Different people will be taking part in it and you need to pay for the design selected by you. It is a popular website for running the contest and gets your work done in required time. Crowdsite has number of freelance designers associated with it and these designers take part in the contest.

The designers on Crowdsite will be working tirelessly to provide you different versions of the work and you can comment and provide few suggestions on their work. Crowdsite has more than 53K designers working with them and these designers had contributed over millions of designs. The website is running on the brilliant idea of crowdsourcing the work from different designers and providing the best work to the customers.

About Crowdsite

Crowdsite is the website that provides you with crowdsourcing of flyer, logo, T-shirts, website, and graphic designs. This website was founded in year 2009 by Roel Masselink and became a popular website soon.


This website was started in Netherlands with name and this dream quickly reached cross borders. This gave birth to the website named Crowdsite in year 2013. Since then, more and more designers are joining this site every day.

How you can Crowdsource at Crowdsite

Crowdsite provides you with two different ways to crowdsource your project either through Private Projects or through designing the contests. You can start a design contest and let number of designers on Crowdsite to work for you. You can choose the winning design from numbers of custom designs you have received from the designers. You can run three different contests here:

  • Guaranteed Contest: In this contest, Crowdsite will definitely pay to the designers whether you declare them winner or not. This will inbuilt some confidence in the designer and will lead to more entries.
  • Closed Contest: It means that the people, who are logged in to Crowdsite can take part in the contest. The contest will be invisible to search engine, but only title and description will be visible to the search engines.
  • One-on-One contest: This contest ensures that the designers could not see each other's work and you get the most efficient work from every designer.


You can also launch private projects to get the professional designs. You can simply hire a crowdworker and can work one on one with him/her privately.


Why to Move on to Crowdsite

Crowdsite is the home for many designers and you can get the most versatile work of your choice from Crowdsite. Some of the reasons to move on to Crowdsite are as follows:

  • Low Commission: Crowdsite charges the lowest commissions from you. You can host your contest at just 30 percent commission rates.
  • Best Crowdworkers: It has more than 38k designers working with it and you can easily find the best one.
  • Escrow Services: The money you have deposited is safe and you can trust the site for safeguarding your money.

Features of Crowdsite

Crowdsite provides the greatest features to its customers and designers. Some of its best features are:

  • Money Back Guarantee: If the crowdworker deliver poor work or fail to submit the work then you can get your money back.
  • Closed Contest: It means that people, who are logged in to this website can take part in the design contest launched by you. The contest will be invisible to all the search engines so that your designs do not get indexed, but only title and description of the contest will be visible to the search engines.
  • One on One contest: It lets the work of every designer to be private because no other designer can see the work of other designer and this helps you to get entirely different copy of design most of the times.
  • Launch a Poll: Your friends and colleagues can also give advice for the designs in the contest after you launch a poll.

Future of Crowdsite

Crowdsourcing will be increasing every day and this is the motive to launch Crowdsite. Beside the designing services Crowdsite offers you, it will be soon launching text writing projects and translations services. The projects will be prepaid so as to ensure their quality. You can register to Crowdsite to get the notifications when they launch new services.

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