Best Online Tools to Proofread Your Writing

It is tough finding the best proofreading tools online, mainly because the ones that you have to pay for are often not worth it, and the free ones appear and disappear from the Internet without warning. Here are a few of the best online tools to proofread your writing.



This is one of the better quality services because it doesn’t use a computer program to check your work. Computer programs are only able to suggest things to you based on what it assumes your sentence is trying to do. It has no way of knowing if what appears to be a grammatical error was done on purpose, and it is going to suggest changes based on the broadest possible tools. This service is different because an actual human checks your work.

You upload your paper to the website for free and they give you a quote. Fill out the order form and select your deadline. The editors will look over your work, find the mistakes and fix them for you. There is no need to review the suggestions prior to the changes because they use their own expertise (so you do not have to use yours). Once they are done, they upload the document back onto the secure server and it is delivered to you as per your deadline.



It’s one of the best writing tools; this tool colors your spelling errors in red and your style suggestions in blue. The grammar errors are highlighted in green. The tool is called “After the deadline,” and all you do is paste your text into the space and click “check writing” to see your colored suggestions appear on the page.



One has to mention this service because it if was not mentioned then people would start emailing in. Yes, there are some people out there that think this is a great service and yes it is one of the most successful tools on this article. But, there are some that think the changes they suggest are not worth the money. If it could do just a little bit more, then more people may think it is worth the money.

For example, if it could pick up more syntax errors than it does, then that would improve its standing. Still, it is a very popular grammar checker that is easy and fast to use.

Paper rater


People that like and dislike a service such as Grammarly are split down the middle. Paper rater is a bit more of a puzzler. It has its bad side such as being very slow to process and how it forces you to fill out a form and a Catpcha before allowing you to see the report. That is just a small section of a number of problems it has, especially when it comes to website design.

However, the tool itself is deceptively good. Once you see your results, you are a little taken back by just how many silly mistakes you have potentially made. It highlights its suggestion in different colors to denote different problems. You click on the error and it gives you a “Did you mean” and suggestions, an explanation, and you can ignore that error to move on with your corrections in the browser. It is of such a high quality that one starts to wonder why they are offering such a good service for free. There is no obligatory pricing, which you can find out if you click on the prices link. It even picks out potential typos that are missed by conventional proofreading tools.



This is a good tool that helps you proofread your work. The marketing on the website could be improved a little, and they could have used a real ginger model instead of a cartoon. Still, it is not the worst tool you are going to find online. It appears to be optimized at a freshman level, but they have options for businesses, younger students and a whole lot more.

They have text to speech functions, a personal grammar trainer, grammar rule help, essay checker software, tips and articles on the website, phrase of the day from the company, a sentence rephraser, a spell check program, online proofreading functions, punctuation checking software, spelling book, synonyms tools, and a grammar checking program. All of the functions listed are packed into their own separate tools to make it easier for the writer to use the proofreading services. Is it the best grammar checker on the Internet? Well, probably not when there are tools such as GrammarBase out there, but it is one of the most diverse tools on the Internet.

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