Are You Looking for Best Mobile Affiliate Networks? Here’re the top 5

rferfrtwwA mobile affiliate network is a mobile platform which acts as an intermediary partner between mobile advertisers like companies who sell products and services through mobile Internet and affiliates who are connected with the mobile advertiser’s to promote their products and services to the target customers. The platform runs basically on two models. Model number one is the cost per action. When the customers purchase any product or service then the affiliates get a reward based on the purchases made. Model number 2 is revenue sharing. In this model, instead of per product or service based cost, affiliates get a specific percentage of revenue which they make for their advertisers.

For both publishers and affiliates, cost per action model provide the capability to generate good income with the right kind of traffic. If mobile advertisers find traffic that gives particularly great for a specific kind of off then they can generate greater eCPM or entire income utilizing affiliate advertising than the conventional cost per click type of ads. Also, some affiliate who are smart enough generate a higher margin by purchasing traffic and optimizing get to make arbitrage between its price and the value generated via the CPA offers. but accomplishing such kind will be quite hard on smartphone given more parameters that required to be tracked and monitored such as Devices, operating systems, and a lot more.

The fact that there is a hell of a lot of mobile applications on the market, it is increasingly becoming difficult for app businesses to generate a decent profit on their apps and hence looking for alternative revenue sources is becoming important. App affiliate networks let the affiliates to leverage their developed business relationships with advertisers and get hold of access to traffic office in many domains and locations. Reaching out to customers with particular traffic requirements is an activity that mobile app owners and affiliate marketers do not have the capability to run on their own effectively. It is not only time taking but also needs developing business relationships that they don’t have a good time or or or required expertise to develop.

Below are some of the top and best app affiliate networks on the market that you can take consideration into and make partner generate more income with your mobile apps or products and services that you sell through mobile Internet.

  1. Button

Basically, a New York based mobile monetization platform for both the mobile website owner and mobile apps. It was established in the year 2014. It has a different button like add layout that integrates effortlessly a mobile application on website interface. This platform offers a dashboard with an effective real time data on at performance. There are some popular advertisers of premium brands such as Foursquare and Uber.

  1. Amazon mobile Affiliates

This platform lets the mobile app owners generate income through their mobile apps they distribute via the Amazon Marketplace, app store, and play store, buy products that are physical or Digital. The first and foremost benefit of the platform is that it is Amazon’s brand that is behind the name and enhances its creditworthiness for mobile customers. This affiliate program has two kinds of revenue models. One is that the 10% commissions for the starting purchases that were made via affiliates and the second one are the commissions for the next purchases ordered by the same mobile customers.

  1. ClickDealer

Clickdealer is a well-known and preferred marketing agency that was established in the year 2012. What sets apart this company is the fact that it mainly focuses on direct relationships with advertisers or affiliates just to lock more advantages conditions for the organization’s publishers. Another specialty that sets apart their affiliate program is that the loyalty program that offers many rewards for clickdealer partners. In addition, the platform offers publishers with a great list offers that is anytime not more than a week older.

  1. Mpire Network

It is a performance-based marketing agency. Mpire network is a Toronto Canada based company. The platform has one of the best affiliate reward programs that provide various options of consumer electronics holiday packages and more. Affiliates can get real time monitoring system 24 by 7 publisher support, Global reach, and a lot more.

  1. Kimia

Kimia is known for its online advertising network with international reach. IT office application developers with its proprietary cactus SDK to help ads, great effect ad formats, and a lot more that can help in achieving high fill rates and double their income. With the help of Kimia smart links tool, ad networks can receive a great technology to monetize, for website owners, the website offers a self-serve platform to monetize the traffic affiliate marketers can join Kimia’s golden club to get hold of access to their top niche market that offers top 20% of best-running offers.

  1. Mobusi

It is a mobile performance advertising company and was established in the year 2012. Since then the platform attracted more than 20,000 publishers across the globe and offer them great eCPM prices.

  1. Bitter Strawberry

Basically, it is a Switzerland-based performance agency. The platform has more features and actually better than any other network agency. It offers smart API to enhance traffic conversions, white label solutions, local banner, and much more. The platform supports Rev Share and PPS payout choices, quality traffic suppliers receive nearly 60% of a produced membership income.

  1. Mobidea

Mobidea, a mobile based affiliate network which is completely made from CPA advertising. Publishers can do a lot of things that are related to daily transactions via Mobidea such as PayPal, Wire Transfers, etc.

Other than such mobile advertising platforms, they are affiliate management software/affiliate tracking system programs that efficiently can track all your activities with ease. However, the very important thing that differentiates a great app affiliate network is its established relationship with its affiliate marketers and the capability to offer publishers with decent traffic offers in various gel locations and domains.

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