Advantages of Secured Hosting and SSL for Your Websites

kjlkToday, websites are prone to security threats. Apart from risks caused by employee use or misuse of network resources, your site’s host sever is also a great source of security risks. Thereby, you have to ensure the safety of your site. In this case, SSL is the real safeguard to protect your site effectively and efficiently. Secure Socket Layer or SSL is a protocol used to ensure security over the internet. It encrypts information as it is passed through the internet. Actually, SSL acts as a backbone of secure internet. It protects your site from being hacked by criminals or anarchists and provides you with many direct benefits.

Why do you need SSL?

SSL encrypts sensitive data so that only the intended recipient can understand it. This is very crucial because the information you send across the internet is passed from your computer to another before reaching the destination server. If it is not encrypted with an SSL certificate, any computer in between you and the server can see sensitive information, like credit card numbers, usernames and passwords and so forth. If you use an SSL certificate, no computer can read the information except the server you are sending the information to. This protects your site from hackers and identifies thieves.

The Benefits Are Included Below:


Apart from encryption, SSL certificate also provides authentication. This ensures that you are sending information to the correct server without being intercepted by criminals. Generally, the consumers send their information through several computers. Any of these computers could disguise as your site and diddle your users into sending them personal information. You can avoid this incident only by using a proper PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and getting an SSL certificate from a trusted service provider.

Hence, you should find a trusted provider to provide an SSL certificate that has gone through several identity checks. To know a trusted provider, you can use your SSL Wizard to compare SSL providers (Link) that are incorporated in most web browsers. Web browsers verify that the SSL providers maintain certain few things that have been verified by a third-party using a standard like WebTrust.

Consumers’ Trust

Online shoppers tend to be sure that their sensitive information is safe and remains private as it goes through cyberspace. The best way to keep them calm is to protect your site using a trusted SSL certificate. Web browsers display few signs, such as a green bar or a lock icon, to make sure consumers know that their transactions are secure. This means that your customers will trust your site when they see these signs and will be more likely to take products from your site. SSL certificate increases the consumer’s confidence and ensures a positive buying experience. Therefore, SSL certificate is the key to your business that helps you reach out potential customers and retain them for a long time.

Protects From Phishing

Phishing is an exercise in which criminals create replicas of your e-commerce site. They send convincing emails including links to their own sites or a reputable website using your domain name. Very often disguised as shopping confirmation or advertisement, these emails are sent to collect information on credit cards for evil-intentioned purposes. Since, it’s very difficult for those felonious talents to attain an authentic SSL certificate, they won’t be able to perfectly imitate your site. When consumers don’t see the cues of security on your site such as a green address bar, they are more likely to keep away without clicking on any information. This means that your customers will be far less likely to fall for a phishing attempt with an SSL certificate.

Builds Brand Image

Web hosting service providers very often offer images or site seal that demonstrate well-trusted encryption is being used. When your customers see the branded icons on your site, they will feel safe that their information will remain private as it travels. There is no doubt that this enhances customers’ trust that ultimately helps create a powerful brand image.


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