8 E-Commerce Must-Haves Every Online Entrepreneur Should Have

Trends are an online marketer’s best friend. Entrepreneurs who want to capitalize on the Internet needs to constantly be on the pulse if they want to be relevant to their customers. This is why you suddenly see captioned videos on Facebook and on Twitter, because that is the latest content trend these days.

However useful trends are, these are not sure-fire ways to convert visitors into paying customers. Yes, it’s going to get attention, but it may not translate to sales. There are elements every e-Commerce website should have, so make sure you have these on online business.

Intuitive website

This just means that as soon as a customer lands on the website, they know where they need to go and what they’re going to click. If it’s confusing, then you’ll run the risk of losing a sale before you even make the pitch.

For this, you can trust an e-Commerce website builder. Once you’ve bought your domain, simply use the website builder feature on your chosen Internet registrar. These templates are customizable, search engine optimized, and mobile friendly already. All you need to do is to change things up to fit your branding and maintain it.

Mobile adaptive

Majority of people are on-the-go, so they’re most likely using their smartphones and tablets more than they do laptops or PCs. For this reason, websites have used mobile adaptive designs so that it automatically changes to fit the user’s screen.

Google just rolled out their mobile-first indexing to prioritize websites which are adaptive. Changing up your design may mean getting that much desired first page spot on the search engine.

Show reviews

A great way to convince potential customers is to encourage your existing ones to share their thoughts. As far as online behavior goes, people love reading reviews. It makes their decision feel more justified and right. So make sure to highlight really good reviews on your home page. But at the same time, don’t censor as much negative reviews, especially if these are sensible concerns and ones you can address.

Exclusive promos

Special deals motivate people to take action. Whether it’s a discount upon sign up or a voucher they can use for a limited time, do offer exclusive promos on your website.

You can also take advantage of email marketing by sending out at least two deals per month to remind them that they can always get a good deal on your website.

Suggest related items

Pique curiosity by putting a roster of items related to the one they’re viewing or purchasing. By simply putting “you might also like this” at the bottom of the page gives them options already. At the same time, it shows them that you get their tastes somehow.


Be upfront about the type of security you have. For e-Commerce website, it’s doubly important to have an SSL certificate to encrypt all the information going to and from your website. Also show the security measures you have for transactions that involve private information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Collect the common questions you’ve received since you’ve started your business and create a FAQ page for it. In this way, people can immediately get answers to concerns they shared with other people. You can also anticipate questions by predicting where confusion might arise from adding to cart to making the purchase.

Be detailed with shipping

If you think you’re overloading them with information on payment and shipping, you’re doing it right. What you don’t want to happen is to short sell your customers by not telling them what goes into purchasing from your website.

Effective customer service

Having an amazing customer service is a surefire way of keeping a customer. It means that you care about their experience and are giving them a platform to express it. Just make sure that you respond to these concerns. Make it part of your daily routine, at least an hour to an hour and a half a day.

These features will help you strengthen your existing customer pool, and at the same time give you the chance to reach out to potential buyers.

If you have any questions, please ask below!