6 Myths about Reseller Hosting you Need to Know

Reseller Hosting

It goes without saying that businesses these days, need an impressive web presence to be competitive in this cutthroat market. Website hosting hence has turned out as a big business—particularly when it comes to reseller hosting.

Business owners and entrepreneurs are capitalizing on this growth opportunity by providing their own reseller hosting services to either supplement or build a full-income flow for their businesses. Much of the credit for its popularity goes to the low initial costs and fewer hassles, it flaunts.

In case you are not well-versed with the term, Reseller hosting is a basically a website hosting business model that involves a company to lease out web hosting services from an individual hosting company and then sell it to other customers as its own. The resellers do not have to build, handle and run a Web hosting infrastructure.

However, before jumping on the bandwagon of being a reseller web host, you might discover different opinions about this hosting option. Debunked here are six common myths regarding reseller hosting that you should know before getting started.

Reseller Hosting

1. It is a competitive domain with low-profit rate

It’s no news that the hosting industry is an emulous industry. This sends many aspiring resellers businesses into a cold sweat. However, this ground reality cannot undermine the fact that almost all businesses are looking for a website that necessitates hosting. They have to approach a web host.

The design or digital agencies—that are already covering the website demands of their customers—can further enhance their offerings with a supplementary web hosting service. Even those not working in the space can profit as a reseller with the right marketing.

2. Reseller hosting is complex

Long story short, it is just a puffed-up myth. Agree! Reseller hosting has got a small learning curve, it may involve a little effort, but it is simple, easy, and convenient. Being a reseller, you just have to act as a middleman for the main hosting company and the hosting seekers. There is no need to vie much to establish your reseller business. You neither have to buy hardware, accommodate data centers, let alone arrange security systems.

3. Resellers need to attract customers for a few months

In the hosting industry, you do have long-term customer relationships, but that does not mean that you can take a break after building up a strong customer-base for your hosting business. It is imbecility to count on a handful of customers to drive your revenue from. Doing this will keep you away from your new customers and leads. Make your consistent efforts to beef up the customer loyalty and magnetize new clients.


4. Customer support will be daunting

Customer support is the lifeline of any businesses. Many aiming hosting resellers have the misconception in mind that they have to provide technical support to their customers. In contrast to this delusion, you’ll basically get your hosting company to handle the support services for you. Everything from setting up reseller dedicated server to upgrades will be taken care by your web host.

5. You cannot pretend to be a full-service hosting company

When there is a plethora of hosting companies, why would someone choose a reseller? Many businesses think that their customers can tell them apart as a reseller and won’t prefer working with them. The fact is that reseller companies can serve their customer-base as an independent web host with 100% identification privacy from the primary hosting company.

6. You don’t need technical knowledge about hosting

An over-rated myth about reseller hosting is that you don’t need to have any knowledge about hosting services and products you offer— which is not the case. Generally speaking, you should be familiar with what you sell. Try to get a clear insight into the key processes, hardware, resources, plans and specs of your web hosting services. This will prevent you from losing customers due to less or no knowledge.

These are just six of the many myths about reseller hosting found out there. There are several more. Before you make the decision to become a reseller of hosting, make sure you do your due diligence.

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