5 Fields Improved by Virtual Reality

zzvirtualVirtual reality is a rising field in interactive technology. What started out as a gaming-centered project by the Oculus has now been adapted by numerous big-name companies such as HTC and Samsung, among many others. What seemed like something straight out of a sci-fi film is now being rapidly developed for use in different fields today.

Although the idea of virtual reality integration is still far from the thoughts of the vast majority of people, companies are working to integrate this technology in the daily lives of people. In fact, various news groups such as VRSmash, aim to supply people with the needed information regarding this subject. To allow people to understand how VR could systematically change lives, here are 5 fields being targeted by different VR companies:

  1. Media – VR boasts different ways to enjoy media. VR allows you to enjoy movies as if you were sitting in your own movie theater, so that would take away the cost of having to go to an actual theater. Some movies have even gone a step farther and created a VR version of their movies, allowing the user to be immersed in the film’s world. Of course, this is more popular among the horror films, so it may not a pleasant experience to some. But it definitely gives a new perspective on watching films.
  1. Entertainment – Games have been the first, and still continue to be the main focus of the virtual reality technology. At first, only playable demos were released to showcase what the first few VR headsets were capable of. Much of these were widely accepted, because the technology had appealed to gamers well. Games such as slender and Half-life 2 were among one of the most well-known games to be implemented with the said technology. Now, there are thousands of titles being developed; some are of old games, and some that are specially made for the VR category. Even in the games platform Steam, VR now has its own category.
    As for sports, sports companies have allowed you to view games from the NBA or the NFL through a special bird’s eye view using VR technology. However, VR does not only cater to the spectators, but is trying to improve on ways it can help the athletes themselves. Through motion-capturing technology, companies are trying to recreate simulations from different plays in football to help athletes practice by simulating a real-life situation.
  1. Education–In the medical field, companies are trying to integrate VR technology to helping medical students experience and practice surgeries. With the technology, there is no need to spend as much on the acquisition of real organs to study, since simulations can now be done as a learning aid.
  1. Business–Although business would be the last thing one would associate Virtual Reality technology in terms of advancement, it would actually play a vital role, especially when dealing with clients. For construction companies, instead spending money on the construction and reconstruction of different models of a building for their client, they can now invest in VR technology to create and recreate the models at no additional cost. Also, the technology opens doors to a new kind of conference call between colleagues all around the world, which is more interactive.
  1. Engineering – Majority of the advancements in VR tech would greatly improve the fields of architecture (which includes civil engineering), and engineering design. For civil engineering which focuses on structural design, a simulation helps in construction as there would be no need to create a model each time a visual representation is needed. An investment to the technology would allow the user to create models as many times as she wants, with no additional cost. As for engineering design, the designer would be able to simulate the fresh design in real-life situations to save time and resources on repeated design failures.

All in all, VR is a growing technology. It will continue to open up new paths in technology that we could never have imagined before.

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