3 Niche Markets for Successful Evergreen Blogging

When it comes time to start a website or blog of your own, there is a lot to consider. One of the most important decisions will be on the topic and audience you should be going after. This is especially important if you are trying to create a website that ranks in the search results and one that you want to make money from.

To help with this process, I’m going to highlight three different niche markets that always have a demand for more content, new audiences are researching on them daily and each also have great ways to monetize the content as well.

Let’s get started!

Succesful Blog

How To and Resource Guides

People use the internet for three different reasons; to either be entertained, find information or buy something. “How To” and “Resource Guides” cover nearly all three of these areas. More importantly… when someone ends up on your how to or resource site, you have a pretty good idea of what they are looking for.

One of the most well-known examples of this type of site is the how to boil an egg. It’s dead simple in concept, but quite complex the more you dig into it.

How hard can it be to boil an egg you might ask? Well, that’s exactly what the site has become the master at, which is also why they rank number one in the search results. Eggs will cook and harden at different amounts depending on the time and temperature they are boiled. Long story short, this site made it a goal for being the best at providing information on how to boil an egg — you should try and do the same with whatever type of how to or resource site you attempt to create.

When creating your site, focus on one specific problem and how to solve it. Also make sure to include pictures and references, while also breaking down the process so it’s as easily to follow along as possible.

If you are providing tutorials of resources on something that can be purchased, be sure to include a buy link (or affiliate link) within your content so you can monetize the traffic flowing through your site.

Billions of questions are asked daily through Google, now it’s your turn to create an authority blog to provide the answer.

Financial Markets

The financial market is huge and there is massive money being spent in this space to reach new audiences everyday. With so much competition already out there, it would be hard for a new site to rank at the top of Google for any generic terms like “stock market investing” or “improve credit score”. A better alternative would be to get more niche focused with your site and answer something that people search for almost every day.

A perfect example of this would be to build a site around the concept and keyword of “borrowing from your 401k”. Not only is the phrase financial related and one that advertisers will gladly spend thousands of dollars on to rank for, tt’s a common question that thousands of people ask on a daily basis, yet one that isn’t easily answered. More importantly, it’s a “long tail keyword”, which means it’s more specific (by people searching for it) and less competitive when it comes to ranking against huge brands and businesses with millions of dollars to spend on their marketing.

After going live with your site and having great content in place, it’s time to focus your efforts on getting your site to rank higher in the search results. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to reach out to other financial-based sited within your niche and see if you can provide content for them in exchange for a backlink or author bio (this is referred to as guest blogging). Another great method is to create a unique infographic based around the content on your site, and using it as an outreach and social sharing tool.

Bottom line, the financial space is huge and one that is always going to be easily monetizable. Find a niche focus, niche down even further and provide value to your audience that is looking for answers.

Weight Loss & Fitness

To go along with a never ending desire and mission to have more money and financial freedom, people also want to look good and lose weight. This multi-billion dollar industry is a perfect one to go after when attempting to start a blog and make money in the process, as everyone is searching online for how to be healthier, find the latest weight loss trends and also get reviews on the best exercising equipment — all perfect examples of different ways you could angle content for your site.

Just like we mentioned in the previous examples, to find success with weight loss and fitness you are going to want to cater to the needs of the audience you are trying to connect with. The same holds true for how you are going to reach them. With the end goal of your site being to rank in the search results and get traffic to your site for free, you shouldn’t try to rank for keywords like “how to lose weight” or “best weight loss system” as they are simply way too competitive. A better option would be to write content around individual exercises, weight loss plans or eating habits. This will also allow for you to have a more niche focused site, which leads to better monetization down the road.

You can start to get some ideas by scrolling through Google and typing in related keywords like “best weight loss pills”. It’s a bit of a generic term, but as you start to browse through different pages you will start to see how and why different content ranks better than others. Also don’t forget about the power of social media and creating shareable content (infographics and images) around your written content.

The Map to Blogging Success

No matter what niche or audience you go after with your blog, the road to success is always the same. Follow these five simple steps and you will find success with your site.

  1. Pre-plan by knowing your target audience and how to provide them with content
  2. Launch your site and go live with 5-10 high-quality articles with at least 1,000 words each
  3. Focus on ranking your content with long tail keyword to rank higher in the search results
  4. Use social media and unique shareable content (infographics) to increase backlinks to your site
  5. Implement some form of monetization into your site that provides value to your existing audience.

If you have any questions, please ask below!