12 Ways to Speed up Your Internet and Cut Costs

If you were using an ADSL internet connection until now, the switch to fiber optics will allow you to make a gigantic leap in terms of speed (download and upload). To ensure top performance and quality over time, all fiber manufacturers use high-end measuring devices such as wire measuring tools when manufacturing their optical fibers. To maintain top performance, here are a few practical tips:

1. Change the router’s location

Try changing where the router is so that it is near your computer or directly in line with it. If it is behind other items that can block it and reduce the internet speed, then move it to a better place. If the router is in a different room, consider placing it where you spend most of your time. This could be in the living room, study, or bedroom.

2. Boot the router or modem regularly

Resetting your router or modem by switching on and off daily, fortnightly, or monthly can work wonders in increasing your internet speed. This removes distinct malware and enables the router to connect afresh with the Internet Service Provider (ISP). Even though the speed may not increase significantly, there will be some positive change.

3. Block advertisements on websites

Advertisements are a frequent occurrence whenever you browse the internet. They are annoying and may seem impossible to remove. What is appalling is that they slow down the internet speed.

Some automatic videos accompany these adverts and start playing as soon as you load your pages. This also eats into your bandwidth. Install ad-blocking plug-in to get rid of them. Your web connection will be faster.

4. Scan for malware

Most times, your computer may be slow without you noticing. In such cases, viruses or malware could be the ones lessening its speed. Even though it is common practice to install antivirus software, many ignorant users do not.

Some users may have it yet not set automatic scanning leading to virus attacks. All these slow down or hinder pages from loading. A simple scan will sort this issue and improve the internet speed.

5. Eliminate browser cache daily

Your web browser stores information about all the websites you visit. This information referred to as cache is conveyed to marketers who then send corresponding adverts your way whenever you are online. This could be on social media or the internet. This also leads to slow internet speeds that you can boost by clearing the cache daily.

6. Use Ethernet cable

Wireless networks are the current connections but they come with limitations. Slow speed and unsecure networks are some of the limitations. With many of your devices relying on that network, the speed will reduce. Make use of Ethernet cables by plugging directly to your smart TV, laptop, or computer. Use these cables on some of the bigger devices and let others like smartphones use the wireless Wifi. You will have steady fast speeds. Note that the Ethernet cable is quite safe especially for private information such as passwords and bank account details.

7. Contact your ISP

If some or all the above tweaks do not improve your speed, consider addressing your service provider directly. You can start by researching privately on what speeds they offer and at what rates before approaching them.

You could then try negotiating with them to improve the speed. Alternatively, let them know out rightly that you will switch to another provider if they do not make changes to their internet speeds. This may or may not work but at least you will have tried.

8. Change your ISP

If the speed does not improve at all, as a last resort, you could shop around for another service provider. Again, research carefully so that you identify the best who will offer great speed for a fair price. If the options are few then be slow to act so that you do not leave the current one for another who is worse off.

9. Check data caps

Some ISPs may not reveal all the information that is in the finer details of the contract you sign with them. If your internet speed lessens at particular times of each month, it could mean that you exceed a certain amount.

This stems from the data caps that they set. The data caps limit how much data you use per month. From your observations, you will tell if this is the case. Consider talking to the provider or updating to a plan that will offer you enough bandwidth and better speed.

10. Buy the latest router

An out-dated router may lower the internet speed especially if you have used it for close to five years. It may not accommodate the latest wireless Wi-Fi technology or standards that are necessary for supporting greater streaming bitrates. You will have to spend cash to solve the speed issue completely. It will in turn allow you to work efficiently.

11. Limit your firewalls

Several walls of protection for your computer lower the browsing speed. These firewalls assess the data that comes into and leaves your computer, which can also be time-consuming. Having one firewall will still protect your computer while increasing its upload and download speeds.

12. Shut off background applications

Whether knowingly or unknowingly, there are applications that run in the background. Most of them use whatever bandwidth is available to update data all through. You can reverse this set routine without harming your device.

Examples of these applications include internet browsers, storage files, and backup systems. Most times, you may not even know that updates are taking place hence slowing down the speed. Pinpoint and turn off these background applications to improve internet speeds.


Slow networks can be a real pain, as they will hold you back when you have tons of online work to do. Use any combination of the above methods to enhance your internet speed without worrying about being less tech-savvy. These ways should revive your internet speed to the normal rates you are familiar with or even better within a short while.

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