Why you need for determine the value of websites and ways to improve it

Websites are often considered as commodities for investment and is the reason why its value has to be determined. The value of a website can be linked to its performance level so that the website that can be traded for good money. Even if you are planning to buy a website, you need to know about its value. Webmasters and web owners are often inclined to determine the value of websites for many other reasons. Whatever may be the reason, it often becomes necessary to determine the value of websites.

Value of websites

The returns that you get from the website has a relation to its worth. This is the reason why websites that attract high traffic are likely to be more valuable. In order to drive more traffic to websites it has to perform well on several parameters among which indexing and ranking are perhaps most important. Unless websites are indexed by search engines, it would not figure in search ranking which is essential for driving traffic to websites. No matter how well marketing strategies are applied, unless the technical performance of websites is up to the mark, it can never give the desired results that marketers expect. The value of websites is thus directly linked to its technical performance.

Ascertaining the value of a website

The value of website is determined by evaluating several factors. From the domain name to content, from traffic to revenue and from page rank to visibility all aspects of SEO are included in the evaluation process. Readymade onlinewebsite value calculatorscan be used to determine the value of websites. Just by mentioning the URL of the concerned website, you can obtain the present value of the website. The value that is determined is only indicative and can be improved by enhancing the technical performance of the website.

Domain name

One of the most important factors that contribute to the value of websites is the domain name. Dot com domain names are intrinsically valued higher than other domain names. The reason is that dot com is highly popular and will gain more prominence over other types of domain names. Consequently, viewers will be more attracted to dot com domain names over others. Moreover, the domain name should demonstrate its close link to the site content. Viewers should be able to make out from the name how much relevant the site would be to them.


Keep a tab on indexation

How well the web pages are ranking is a factor that has to be kept under close watch. If you find that the number of web pages ranking in the search results is below your expectations, then you have to check the indexation pattern to find out the reasons why some of the pages are not ranking. Even if enough number of pages are ranking, check if these are the ones that you want to get ranked. Also check is some pages that you want to see in the ranks are missed out. For improved indexation, make sure that the sub domains are being indexed. Also check if the site is being hacked or spammed that can affect rankings.

Embedded text

Often the web design can play truant with rankings. Indexation is based on crawling of bots on text. More efficient is the textual crawling, better are the chances of earning good ranks in search results. Sometimes, text is imposed upon images for the sake of design that can make it difficult to crawlers to decipher text hidden under images. If it happens, some important content may be left out during crawling that can ultimately affect the rankings negatively. Check every page of the website to eliminate the problem from the roots by avoiding imposition of important textual content on images.

Broken links

When websites are re-launched or during migration there are high chances of broken back links cropping up. Usually after migration, some of the pages become 404 and the backlinks that were attached to these pages are obviously broken. The task is to identify the broken links and then re-direct it to some of the best pages. Scan through the broken links that might have resulted due to wrong typing of URL name from linking sites. Clearing up backlinks provide unique opportunity of enhancing link equity that in turn impacts rankings positively.

XML sitemaps

In order to facilitate indexation, web pages should be allowed to be crawled effectively. The spiders have to be guided through the website by using XML site maps that becomes the GPS for navigation through all pages of the website. Crawlers get direction from the site maps that make its work easy. Ensure that only the latest version of the site map is in place and it is updated in the search console too.

These basic improvements can enhance the value of websites as would be revealed when you use the value calculator again.

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