Useful Tips for Smart Link Building

link-buildingLink building is the most important component is any successful SEO campaign. The more links you got and the better quality these links are, the higher you’ll rank.

When we built our online toy store, we were faced with the choice of using an SEO agency or doing SEO in-house. Today our site ranks comfortably in the first page for most of the high traffic keywords. These include diverse keywords relating to brands (e.g. Barbie, LEGO, Fisher Price). We created dedicated landing pages for all our toy brands, like Fisher Price. We learned a lot by following many blogs and analyzing competitor websites.

It is possible to get your website to rank higher by having lots of people referencing your website on their site. This link building involves a detailed process of analyzing the backlinks of your competitor’s website. A link-building agency can help do a competitor analysis for you, visit are the steps involved in successful link building:

(1) Collection of data

There are a number ways and tools available on the web to collect your competition’s data to conduct a detailed analysis. To start with, download all the backlinks of your competition website by using the SEO spyglass tool. This tool lets you study all the websites which have the links to your competition site.

(2) Detailed analysis of the back links

SEO spyglass presents to you the entire list for analysis. Make a note of all the back links and go to every weblink for detailed analysis. The most important data is provided by this tool i.e. Page Rank of all the back links. On the basis of the PR of every backlink, shortlist the sites which have a higher PR. Keep in mind the page rank of a site depends on two main factors: the age of the website and the content on the website should be spam free.

(2.1) The Age of the website: Google recognizes the websites which are older and gives them a higher PR as compared to the new launched websites. The statistics state that a website needs to spend atleast 3 years of time to get a higher rank by Google. Time is not just a friend of your website; it is a friend of your website’s links, as well. Confusing as it may sound, a high Google ranking is not just dependent on site age, but also on link age. So it is important to consider the websites which are reputed and have been existing for a long time.

(2.2) Content on the website: The content on your website should contain all the relevant and updated data. The content involves the data on your site, the keywords in the data, the keywords in the links, Meta page title. Also, the content should not be spammy as it affects the page rank of the website and Google penalizes them. Excessive use of target words in domain name and URL, unnatural interlinking of web pages, bold and very large size of content and too many advertisements on the website make it spammy.

These factors help you shortlist the backlinks you would actually want to study. Classify the list into a number of categories like tech blogs, article directories and social media. The last and the most critical step is to interact and maintain relations with bloggers to make guest blogs and submit posts on their site.

The following is the list of things which must be considered while analyzing the backlinks:

(1) Every site must have an about us page briefing the visitors about the site.

About Us

(2) Customized widget can make the website more attractive and informative.

(3) “Sign me up or login” option is an example of a good site.


(4) A good navigation system works well for the success of any site.

(5) Make it easy for your consumers to get in touch with you by the “contact me”.

Contact Us

(6) Not more than 3 ads should appear on the website.

(7) A search dialogue box on the site make it easy for the customers to find the required content.


(8) Website should have original content. Avoid duplicate content as Google penalizes the websites with copied data.

(9) Allow people to connect through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and accept their comments.Follow Us

(10) Any sort of pornography must not appear on the website.

If you have any questions, please ask below!