Unconventional SEO Tips for Ecommerce Websites

1407799223-1-advanced-webmaster-tools-should-using-better-seoHave trouble driving web traffic to your e-store? This is not an uncommon problem. As online shopping becomes more popular, more and more brands are opening online stores. That means users have hundreds of options to choose from. Besides, mega online retailers like Amazon can practically hog online traffic. In this environment, smaller web stores have to think beyond traditional SEO tactics to attract traffic. So, read ahead to find out several unconventional SEO tactics your ecommerce website might be able to benefit from:

Rely on a Third Party Expert

No matter what you do, is the web traffic to your e-store still tepid? Then seriously consider investing in a third party SEO expert in your local area. For example, if your store is experiencing less traffic than when you first launched, you can consult with a local digital agencyto find out what’s wrong. There could be many reasons for your traffic concerns, and not all of it will have to do with marketing plan issues. A third party expert will be able to pinpoint the problems and suggest effective solutions.

Use Content Aggregator Sites

Posting on social media sites alone is no longer sufficient to drive web traffic. You can complement your online ad efforts by tailoring content to post on content aggregator sites like Reddit and Digg. These sites are often called the “front page of the internet.” This is where users go to find out what the next new best thing is. Posting content on these sites will definitely generate good traffic numbers, which can be redirected to your store. Therefore, use content aggregator sites in your content promotion plans.

There are several content-aggregator sites and you can easily find them by simple google search. Though sometimes it may lead to duplicate content issue and should use the canonical tag.

Make Use of Emotional Triggers

If you really want to attract potential customers to products, create content and write ads that include emotional triggers. Emotional triggers are cues that result in a psychological response from the user. It’s not just about attracting a user promising a new discount. Emotional triggers compel users to be interested in a product. For example, consider this headline used in a Google ad: “Is he cheating on you? Find out by entering his email.” That ad has a catchy phrase that will definitely trigger an emotional response from the target audience. You should too, use similar emotional responses in ad copy as well as content.

Use Coupon Websites

Many ecommerce retailers woefully underutilize coupon websites. Use these websites to offer discounts and gifts that will definitely appeal to a particular audience. If you already have discounted offers planned, make sure these are viewable on coupon websites as well. The Coupon websites gets lots of visitors. You should tap into these easy source of traffic. Ever heard of Groupon which acts as an aggregator for lots of coupons.

Employ Micro Influencers

Micro influencers on social media channels are great for promoting products, creating brand awareness, and plugging in products. Micro influencers are not as popular as major influencers like celebrities, but nonetheless, have loyal followings. They are more affordable as well. You can definitely attract loyal customers by using micro influencers.

There are several platforms where you can spend money to get micro influencers promote your products and raise brand awareness for your product.

Hold Contests

Web traffic no longer flows just because of interest. Customer engagement is also very important for driving internet traffic. One of the overlooked ways to increase customer engagement is holding contests on social media channels. Most people are interested in contests that can get them free stuff. You can create brand awareness and drive traffic by creating engaging contests online.

The above methods are definitely not what’s considered standard for most SEO campaigns. Nevertheless, they are proven to yield excellent results.

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