Top SEO Myths

The term SEO has always been confusing and full of myths not only for the layman but also for the technical experts too. The term has been associated with the fooling around the generation of webmasters and other SEO professionals. It has always been an indispensable tool and also helpful in increasing the traffic and achieving the ranking in the SEO and SERPs. Google has kept on bringing the updates in its algorithms still the myths existed and continued. The myths kept on messing with the best of the webmasters and professionals of SEO.


In order to understand the SEO myths in a better way, the following myths Vs Facts can be elaborated and how they stack up against the reality.

It used to be a general Myth that the SEO or Ninja can assure the success

It was not the case, no matter how reputed and respectable the SEO Company is. It cannot assure or guarantee the SEO Success. Basically, the Traffic and Ranking are the aspects which are totally based on difficult to control factors. In case someone is making claims or boost the guarantee of top ranking as well as increased traffic, they are not doing anything but befooling you with the statement.

SEO can take you to the Top Notch

Each and every SEO Professional wishes to do his best to take the client website to the top of the SERPs. But the same is limited to the real and honest world of SEO. A good SEO is supposed to work for achieving conversions, boosting traffic, and improving engagement. Aspiring to be the #1 is something to feel good about but parking all your resources for the same is not a wise decision.

SEO can bring you the Fast Results

It was a myth that the SEO can bring you the fast results. It is a slow and ongoing process and dynamic too. It is more about matching with the pace of revolution and evolution. It takes time to bring the results and there is no magic pill available for taking care of this scarcity of resources.

The Older Brings Better Ranking

It has got nothing to do with the older or the newer site or domain for better ranking. In fact, the trend is changing newer websites having better content and designing are preferred over the older ones.

Google Ranking and Dedicated IP

The Google ranking and dedicated IP address do not have any correlation with each other. As per Google, the Google Ranking is based on the content, backlinks, and traffic.

The duty of the SEO is over once it reaches #1

It is neither the final destination nor it is going to stay for longer. Merely reaching #1 does not serve the purpose the consolidation of the same is also important. It is important and prestige issue in case you have gained the #1 position to sustain and increase the same.

Guest posting and Myths

Driving traffic to the site, building trust and understanding is very important and crucial to continue, and cultivating relationships along with many other webmasters.

Google can misuse your Data

Google uses the end to end encryption and your conversation or the data cannot be misused. The data or the conversation data cannot be used for the purpose of the profile.

Google updates and Keyword Research

The Google algorithm updates time to time, render keywords, pointless keyword stuffing, etc.

The types of links

The links like .edu and .gov sites enjoy the high authority, but the same is also offered by the .com sites as well.

No correlation between web pages and Ranking

You are at the liberty to decide on the number of web pages to have. But the same does not have any implication on the ranking.

Optimization and the Website

You can optimize your website even before it is ready. Google will crawl your website whenever it will go live.

Mere the Quality Content

It is also one of the SEO Myth that mere quality content is good enough to take you to the top of the SERP results. Whereas without the help of keywords specifying and defining the content, link so as to endorse and other elements of SEO are equally important.

Google and Social Media

Google considers social media activities as one of the crucial factors for determining or ranking a website. As per Google, the social activities are the significance of the quality, the quality is supposed to be on higher ranking in the SERPs.

Consistent Content Updates and Ranking

There are websites that usually post once a week, but which still attract more traffic and a better ranking than other website posting thrice or four times in a day. It is evident from the fact that Google prefers to have quality rather than just quantity.

The Utility of Blogs

The blog works as a tool to project you as an expert on the subject. Blogs help in expressing the viewpoints and philosophy behind the news of the industry and the innovations. They provide the content in the form of text and the backlinks, both are helpful in improving the ranking in the long run.

Internal Linking and SEO

The users enjoy the sites listed through links but that makes navigation process on your website little tricky and challenging.

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