Tips to Improve Content on a Homepage

Every web developer faces the issue at some stage that many people spend hours bashing their heads against a wall trying to solve- and that is trying to improve the content on the home page of their website.

Creating interesting and eye catching content is one thing, but the design and way in which it is presented can send even the most talented developers bonkers. So what are some of the best ways to improve on the process and take some of that stress off of the shoulders of hard-working web developers?

  1. Know the audience

Many web developers, when first starting out, make the huge mistake of not paying attention to what their audience is interested in. Paying close attention to what readers click on when they open up a website is one of the best ways to track what it is that they want to see the first thing when they open up a new web page.

Placing content on the homepage can be incredibly easy if this step is taken; simply listening to and watching the audience’s interests is what makes the difference between a smart web developer and one that doesn’t go very far.

  1. Making sure the website’s purpose is clear

Something that goes a very long way towards improving the results in traffic increase for a website is ensuring that when people reach the home page, the message that the website is delivering is entirely clear.

This means that at a quick glance, people can tell at least somewhat, what they are in for while exploring a website. One of the best ways to do that is through an introduction at the top of the page, which explains the motivation of the people behind the website’s creation, which could simply be for entertainment purposes or even business purposes, in which it is a good idea to clearly state the business’ motto and goals.

  1. Proofread everything on the home page as many times as can be tolerated

Possibly the biggest mistake a web developer can make while designing the homepage of a website is that they make too many typos while creating it. Next to nothing looks more unprofessional than typos and mistakes.

Most people, when viewing anything that is meant to be ‘professional’ and see the slightest typo, will most likely leave the website in a pinch. People very much base their opinion of a business or professional website off of the way they present themselves and making sure that it all is polished is the best and simplest way to help make sure that any website is seen as it should be.

  1. SEO Agencies

Something a lot of people tend to forget when creating a website is that there is such a thing as SEO organisations that they can hire in order to have basically everything done for them (well, depending on the organisation). Generally, local SEO agencies offer the service of ensuring that the customer’s website is seen at the top of search results and ensure that traffic to the website is constantly building exponentially.

Other companies literally offer web developers a full service and will handle just about everything there is that needs to be handled on their websites for a very agreeable price.

At the end of the day, one of the best things that can be done for any website is ensuring that it is tailored to the audience that it seeks to attract. Too often, web developers forget that their audience matters. Presenting everything in the best manner possible is by far what is most likely to make or break even the most professional organisation.

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