The Reasons Why Video Marketing Should Play the Leading Character in Your Marketing Production

wefrwrfwrIt is no longer a secret that more businesses are making use of video marketing. It is certainly not a strategy that should be ignored or taken lightly. As a matter fact, YouTube has become one of the top search engines in the world. Even though video marketing is often an afterthought, the value that video marketing can add to your content marketing campaign almost demands that it takes center stage over other strategies you may be currently using.

There are several reasons why video marketing is becoming the leading character in content marketing and why it should have a starring role in advertising campaigns as well.

Better SEO

There is no doubt that including video in your content marketing efforts will improve SEO. Research has shown that adding video to the front page of your website could improve your site’s chances of getting a first page result on Google by over 50 percent. However, this is based on videos that are correctly optimized. Where possible, you should be using thisGoogle Keyword Planner tool to find targeted keywords you can include in the content that accompanies your video ads.

Increased Engagement

You have probably heard plenty of times that the key to great customer engagement is having visual content on your site. Video marketing is no exception. This means that when you are planning the types of posts you are going to schedule on your social media accounts, you should always think about video. Remember, your audience will be more interested in engaging with, sharing and embedding your video than they will be in written blog posts.

Increased Click-Throughs in Emails

You stayed up for several nights trying to perfect your email copy because you know it contains information you want to share with your list. However, does the message resonate with your list? Will you get the results you are looking for? Are you sure that your list will even read it? The solution: video. Using videos in your emails can double the rate of your email click-throughs. So, if you want to send emails that are going to be effective in getting your message across to your subscribers, use video.

Builds Trust

If you are a new company, one of the main things you will need to do is build trust with your audience. Although many people are used to buying items online, you probably know yourself that you only buy from companies that you trust, and are wary of those you haven’t heard of. Luckily, video is one of the best ways to build trust with an audience.

If your customers are skeptical about buying your products, create some videos that show you using the products or explaining how they work. Not only will this work from an informational standpoint, it will also help to show the face behind your brand. Alternatively, you could work with an influential YouTube blogger and pay them to endorse your product. When someone a customer recognizes is seen using a product, this instantly builds a sense of recognition and trust.

Create Emotional Connections

Did you know that one of the most powerful ways to bring out emotion online is with video? This is one of the reasons why people prefer to watch cat videos than read a touching story about cats. Video is the king of emotional connections because it offers attributes that traditional content cannot compete with. It shows viewers your tone of voice and facial expressions.

Although your viewers may not feel an immediate desire to purchase your product or service because of a video, it will likely play a subconscious role in their purchasing decision later.

These are some of the reasons why you can no longer ignore video marketing. It has been proven to be more effective than many traditional marketing strategies, and it deserves its own section in your online marketing plan.

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