Steps to get your Website Indexed on Google

StepstogetyourwebsiteindexedonGoogleAlright, your website is created and now the prime focus is to how to get more users to know your website. Well by following some easy steps you can do it, let googlebots crawl your content or website, and let Google index it. Being noticed by Google is important because it is the most used search engine today.

First let’s see what Googlebot, Crawling and Indexing are. Googlebot is software that Google uses to collect information about new updates and documents or websites using Google’s searchable links. Crawling is the process in which googlebot brings back the new or updated information to be indexed. Now, Indexing is a process in which the updated or new information gathered by googlebots after crawling is documented and processed to be searchable on Google. Using keywords they are categorized in the most relevant category. So upon searching on the internet it crawls through the most relevant keywords and shows the documents most relevant to it.

Now comes the most important step, how to get your website Indexed. Firstly Google needs to know your website and what is in your website, and for that you have to submit your sitemap. To submit the sitemap you have to generate a XML sitemap for your website. Sitemaps works a bots and gives an insight on the pages inside your website.

Other way to get Indexed is generate more and more inbound links, bots are more likely to crawl and index when websites have more indexed links. So for this, you need to build quality links from other famous website to navigate it to yours. Other way is Forum posting and Blogging, post forums most relevant to your content and use more keywords. There are many affordable SEO services in market that can help you optimize your business to a new level Keep in mind that keywords are very important wrong use of keywords can make the content look very irrelevant. Same is the case with blogging, promote your website using blog, again the keywords are more important quality keywords generate more traffic or irrelevant keywords deviate more spam traffic.

Last and perhaps the most important factor is the quality of the content. Make sure that your content is unique or else Google won’t be interested in it and also always and always keep updating your content. New and unique content is perhaps the best way to efficiently index your website on Google.

So, after you have successfully followed above steps you will see the traffic on your website. Also with the help of new content and sitemaps you can generate more traffic. Last but not the least point, blogs are crawled faster the WebPages, so always have blogs supporting your website.


If you have any questions, please ask below!