Speed up Your Website’s Performance through SEO Analysis

Does your website’s speed really matter? Think a while! Yes, think again!

A single second of delay in loading your page can result in:

  • 16% decrease in client satisfaction
  • 11% fewer page views
  • 7% loss in lead conversions

Many websites have already found this completely true when they have found 1% increased revenue for each 100 millisecond has enhanced their site’s speed.

In this age of the internet, many people are aware of what SEO or ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ is. You may also be familiar with the SEO being a technique that improves the rank of a website by making search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing find and rank the site higher amidst all the other millions of websites. There used to be a time when having a website for your business was okay enough to grab the customers’ eyes and boost your sales. However, in the present days, a site alone is just not sufficient. You can have a beautiful and informative website, but if your customers fail to find it, then your effort would seem futile. Besides functioning well, a website needs to reach to its customers to bring in the desired business. And, for this very purpose, every potential customer who logs in to the internet needs to know about the existence of your website. This is the reason why you will need to opt for SEO if you want your web page to show up among the topmost results of the search engine in order to catch the attention of the customers, and eventually fetch more business than your competitors.

SEO analysis:

SEO analysis is something that would help one to determine the details of how the ranking of a web page can be lifted. So, if, at the moment, you aren’t very keen to hire a person or a company to do the SEO for your business website, then you can even avail the free SEO analysis service, that is offered online, to make sure that everything is on track and the whole amount of expenses that you have been bearing in order to get the desired result is worth it. SEO Analysis, in this case, is a very important step which would actually state the endeavor and the toil undertaken, is delivering the proper result as you have hoped for. It will notably increase the value of your site by making it noticeable to the bunch of online visitors. So, if you are thoughtful about your online business, you will have to take that extra effort and do the free online SEO analysis on a frequent basis.


There are quite a lot of strategies involved in SEO analysis, which further will help you reach your goal. It is more like an auditing procedure that involves the functioning of the website should be checked to avoid any sort of technical glitches. The technical analysis is essential to check operational components such as the site layout structure, use of alt text for images, use of Meta tags, presence of broken links and loading speed of web pages. Responsiveness of the site further helps in promoting the site.

After the good conduction of technical analysis, Search Engine Optimisation audit is performed by the SEO experts where they focus on preparing keyword research reports and conducting competitive SEO analysis.

Low competition keywords:

It is quite a hard task to accurately figure out low competition keywords without a thorough research. The foremost step to be taken is to begin disregard the keywords that are apparently too competitive. During the process of keyword analysis, the website will be thoroughly studied and, therefore optimized along with the competitive business sites to get a clear picture of the industry. After this, a list of targeted keywords is separated. Keywords that are finalized in comparison to other competitive websites will be highly relevant to your business site and will be identified keeping in mind the factor that is actually driving the web traffic and bringing in online visitors to your website. You can make use of an online free SEO analysis tool and can easily figure out and evaluate the ranking potential of the pages of your site amidst the other websites. Besides analyzing the HTTP headers, it will give you quite a few advantages like analysis the length and relevancy of the keyword Meta tag descriptions, the title tag, the robots Meta tag, and so on. Although a free SEO analysis tool may not be 100% correct account of search engine algorithms, yet it can be of extra help to you to elevate your website’s performance.

The minute you are ready with your list of keywords, it is the time to begin evaluating the competition for them. In order to compete with your business rivals, you always need to evaluate the overall SEO health of your competitor. You need to be aware of how your competitors are performing in every portion of their customer journey. And so, it is a vital to go through all kinds of product reviews, comparisons and every other factor that is necessary for you to get a proper understanding of the qualitative matters. To be able to beat your competitors, you should know every other detail about their websites. Therefore, this whole process involves quite some time to research about people’s opinions about your competitors and the buzz that circulates their brand or products.

The competitive analysis involves the checking and cross-examination of the content keywords and the present position of the competitive websites in well-known search engines to come up with an operative and successful search engine ranking strategy.

So, by now, it must be pretty clear to you that even a free SEO analysis can improve your website ranking on various search engines. Competition is inescapable and you just have to play smarter in order to make a place for yourself in the online competitive market. The time when you are able to make out your fare against your business rivals, you will earn the possibility to be ahead of them. This will definitely involve some time and commitment. But yes, if the right keywords are being chosen, then that would certainly save a lot of time. Hence, it is a wise step to make use of the free online SEO analysis and analyse your website content and structure all by yourself and further check the build and content quality from the point of view of a search engine.

Final Verdict:

The above-mentioned guidelines are quite easy if you think to apply them, but some of them are really advanced techniques which can be aggressive if you are simply having no technical ideology. Well, if that is the case, you must look for help of professional SEO companies or online resources. Here a few resources we can recommend you are:

If you don’t want anybody’s help and want to dig and do it yourself only, Google Developers have helpful data which will be really useful for enhancing your website’s performance.

Otherwise, you can take into account a completely managed server for a one-for-you solution.

So, it’s your turn now. Have you applied any other unique way to speed up your website’s performance? Have implemented the free SEO analysis tools yet? We would love to hear from you.

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  1. Jennifer Wilson

    This is quite a useful resource and one i found quite educative. Not many people bother about SEO these days but i will always be one of the few that believes that seo is always as important in making a site remain relevant.

    Analyzing your site and using the information from such analysis for better optimization is quite a smart move and one that can help one achieve even a greater speed and ranking.

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