Seven PPC Ideas You Should Implement for 2019

The New Year is quickly approaching, and because of that, it’s time to look into your website and the strategies used to make it better. It’s the perfect time to review your PPC practices, which will improve your performance and start bringing on the money!

But with the many opportunities available (and the surprises coming our way with new technologies the next year), what should you start implementing and improving?

I did the research to help you, so check out these seven PPC ideas you should implement for 2019!

It’s time to review your PPC practices and implement newer ones to accommodate your viewers and engine bots. Check out these seven awesome and easy tips to follow now!

  1. Review Google’s New Features

First off, let’s get started with Google. Did you know that Google Ads advertisers need to switch to their new update before November begins? With this change, there will be a ton of new features only the updated websites can experience, such as:

  • There are promotion extensions, which can showcase your products that offer a discount, standing out and looking more like a great deal!
  • Bid adjustments for phone calls are available (which may be helpful for your business).
  • The ads now have out stream video campaigns, though these are for mobile-only video ads for partner websites and apps (other than Google and YouTube).
  1. Test Out New Platforms

Testing the new paid channels is an important practice you need to start doing. Besides Facebook and famous search engines like Google and Bing, check out these other websites and platforms where you are able to improve your PPC rating:

  • LinkedIn is one of the best if you’re targeting businessmen and professionals
  • Pinterest is more focused towards a female audience, which is perfect if you’re selling or have a website dedicated for DIY and crafts
  • SnapChat is for the younger demographic, as well as Instagram and Twitter

Test and check out these apps and websites instead of staying in the same one.

  1. Start Going Mobile-Friendly!

As the years pass, there are now more people who use their phones to surf the Internet as opposed to using desktops. With that being said, you must start customizing the mobile ad experience, making it more friendly towards the smaller screens to ensure that they will be more likely to be clicked and checked out by your consumers and visitors.

A PPC marketer who doesn’t bother with optimizing mobile ads will risk wasting their paid budgets, losing opportunities because of this. You can start slowly and make changes by 10%, building up after you see a more positive impact with improving your mobile ads.

  1. Test Out New Features

Like mentioned, since there will be many changes come the new year, you mud acquaint yourself with all the new features and go beyond what you’re used to.

For starters, there is now a new feature on Bing, which is the Audience Network in Bing Ads. This is an AI-powered feature, which can improve your search campaigns. It analyzes all the audiences from any platform and its searches, which results in the highly relevant in-market lists, which searchers will see when they’re looking for a certain product or service.

So start searching for the new features that help improve PPC like the Audience Network!

  1. Audience Integrated Using Search

For a long time now, PPC marketers like me were only limited to keywords in search engines. But now that we’re able to improve our audience targeting and demographics, we can now find and use keywords to refine our campaigns, improving both PPC and SEO.

In the next year, Google will roll out a ton of new features to test out, all related to how our target audience searches online. Here are some of the new opportunities to test out:

  • We will now be able to get detailed demographics from searchers, such as their marital and parental status, education, household income, and more!
  • There is remarking, seeing the advertisers’ website visitors and viewers.
  • With in-market and custom intent, you can figure out the online behavior and searches which signal one’s buying cues!
  1. Prepare for Voice Search

For now, not a lot of advertisers aren’t getting a ton of voice searches yet. However, it’s still important to check the trends and make changes according to your report. One of the basic steps to follow is to identify your voice search queries, which can still up your PPC rating.

Review the voice search activity regularly and see if there are more keywords to add to your account or utilize for a new marketing campaign.

  1. What’s Your Budget and How Do You Report?

Last but not least, consider how much you will be able to spend on advertisements in the next year. Consider the following factors:

  • What were the successful campaigns that had a positive ROI? Is there new traffic which can grow the results of your winning campaigns?
  • Are you able to allot more budget for “less-than-winning” campaigns or can you move the budget to another opportunity?
  • Can you request your company or co-owners to invest?

Also, it’s time to change up your report, removing and adding data that is more relevant.

Wrapping It Up

And there you have it! You don’t need to spend a ton of money just so you can start improving your PPC practices. All it takes is a bit of research and the right tools and strategies to work your way up. Start getting ready for the New Year now and stay prepared for what’s to come our way for websites, PPC, and SEO!

Whether you’re a website owner or online marketing company, I hope that this article on the seven PPC ideas you should implement for 2019 helped you out. So don’t wait any longer and look into any of these opportunities now!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences with PC, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

If you have any questions, please ask below!