SEO Tips on Link Diversity

Link Diversity Youre Doing It WrongSEOs have been advising Internet marketers to diversify their links to future-proof their SEO rankings. The reason why is because building a diverse link profile looks natural to the search engines. In comparison, a link profile that's built around the same kind of links looks artificial and runs the risk of being penalized by the search engines. Despite many Internet marketers diversifying their links, they're still doing it wrong. Here's some general advice about diversifying the RIGHT way.

Stop Going for Low Quality Links

Even if you are building diverse links to your site, you still need to make sure that they are quality links. Focus on acquiring links from websites related to yours before anything else. Then, focus on trying to have links from websites that have built authority. These types of links are difficult to get but they are possible and will help you secure your rankings from the competition as well as from the search engines. GuestBlogPoster offers a service for securing high quality links via guest posting, so you should give it a look.

Aim for Natural Link Patterns

Obviously, getting diverse links means you're doing something right. However, many Internet marketers make the mistake of building an outreach campaign for one time period. The result is that their websites accumulate a massive amount of links within a period of a few weeks to a month. This looks unnatural to the search engines because the number of links coming in drops dramatically in the following weeks after their outreach campaign. This looks very suspicious to the search engines, particularly so to newer sites.

Anchor Texts Need Diversity As Well

It's not enough to diversity your links. You also need to diversity the anchor text for your links. It's obvious that the links are artificial if a large percentage of the links has the keyword you're aiming to rank for. You want to prevent this from happening and try to make your anchor texts as natural as possible. Many web pages do well with the targeted keyword only being responsible for 15 to 20 percent of the links.

Anchor Text Shouldn't Go to Waste

In an attempt to make their anchor text more natural, many Internet marketers are building anchor texts with keywords that seem natural. Some examples are click here, visit the site, and the URL of the web page. Just because you're aiming to make your anchor text profile seem natural doesn't mean you have to make the anchor text go to waste. Instead of using your main target keyword, try using synonyms, similar keywords and any other keywords that may be related to your main keyword.

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