SEO in New Era with Voice Search Feature

Recently, I encountered an issue very often. I did my research on the topic I wanted to share with you. You can make calls by pressing and holding the microphone for those who are distant voice call. This feature is available in Google Maps.

20% of mobile queries in May, Google said that the voice call. In 2020, this ratio will be in the direction of 50% of all voice calls made. According to Google’s research in motion is made much more voice calls than the written call. Especially preferred is the voice search feature while driving is much easier our lives. In fact, 2016 was the beginning of a voice call trends, and many companies have started to work on the topic, taking into account this feature. Some of these include Siri, Microsoft Cortana, steps have been taken for applications such as voice dialing with Amazon Echo. For 2017, the number of smartphone users voice calls will increase in parallel with the increase more. This especially with marketing strategies will also be developed for voice calls. Of course, it cannot be searched every voice matters or issues that might want to call home or at work, especially when the only voice calls will be made even more so.


Google wants now more graphics and Rankin Brain search to take place, giving himself a big part of search traffic. Google’s voice search, especially in Rankin Brain algorithm that showed better results. Constantly changing SEO is also meant a new SEO strategy for local calls, with the increase of voice calls. Because people do not speak as they wrote. That’s why we need to optimize our site based on voice calls already. Many people are using the voice search feature for local businesses that want to go. “Where is the best fish restaurant in Eagle?” As a search is likely to call. He also will have to create our form content as natural as the best fish restaurant. Of course, apart from these micro data, schema and rich snippets and so on. Start your page to include this data also give information about what is relevant to your business on Google search. Also, you must carefully select your business category when setting up a Google My Business. This made voice calls will help you reach your target audience right.


Voice dialing with our site, but you will not be changing from top to bottom, we will need to make additional arrangements will be made more successful for voice calls. To speak the language to be used for voice calls means gaining more importance to the long tail of these words. So what could be the possible questions about the service or product you provide can start brainstorming. You can also do some brainstorming tool. These tools will provide wonderful phrases you can include to your site content. How does Visits at the moment? Is whether the voice calls by typing it, but I think we cannot analyze recent search tool’s console will come with an option on this property.

Most of the calls are not mobile-compatible site is now inevitable as it is made from mobile devices. If a person had a bad experience on your site or making a voice call, you will lose visitors. It’s just that not only affects the search will increase the bounce rate for a non-mobile-faced page. This will also negatively affect your rankings in Google search.

Keep in mind that you get links from your site to another site that also shows the development of your site. If rel sure you give a link to a website other than your subject = “external” command, you must use in the code. If they fall in the ranking if your site is linking to a bad site, according to delay purchases in the index case and you may lose your Pagerank and Trustrank value.

Voice calls in the coming period our life easier I think to further develop itself. So the phone will recognize me by my voice, my voice, and to perform all actions in the near future to answer me why not loud?

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