Role of Responsive Web Design in Search Engine Optimization


A responsive website is the one that automatically fits the interface of multiple devices like mobile phones, tablets, etc. The responsive design has been into a great discussion among the search engine optimization enthusiasts especially during the past one year and is of great significance since the Google has announced that mobile friendliness would serve to the ranking signal. It is quite obvious that the statement is in the favor of users and would provide them a good search result experience.

Since responsive web design is adaptive in nature, the users get the same list of options available with no hassle of scrolling and squeezing the pages. This in turn makes them more interested and comfortable while browsing the content. The webmasters introduce responsive designs in multiple ways.

  1. The first is the mobile website platform that can be recognized by the "m." in the URL of the website. Around 500+ popular brands over the internet retailing business are using this methodology for converting the website into a responsive design on mobile devices. However, it does compromise on the number of features available on the web page.
  2. The second is adaptive design in which the website have multiple versions and based on the HTML suitability, the website automatically recognizes the device and use the appropriate version. It also compromises on the number of features available for various devices.
  3. The third is responsive design in which there is no URL change or HTML code conversion. Still the website serves to the flexibility component. This is becoming quite popular nowadays among the WordPress users. However, unlike .m and adaptive designs, these websites generally take more time to load the pages as they generally do not compromise on the features and links on the web page.

Google's algorithm includes the web crawlers which finds responsive designs more efficient as compared to .m and adaptive designs. Hence, the search data fetching would be more smooth and SEO friendly. Columnist, Clay Cazier says that responsively designed websites are actually doing much better than the rest of the websites in Google's search results.

Responsive design does have the big contribution in search engine optimization. However, the responsiveness should not be considered as the giant factor in search ranking. There are other factors like good quality content, website popularity, the number of visitors which determines the website's ranking in the Google search results.

It is quite understandable that optimizing everything is not possible while running a website. SEO experts are out there to take care of it. You may approach a SEO company or expert to get your website search engine optimized. In addition to optimizing the website layout, the SEO company would take care of various other factors like Link building services, SEO copyrighting, Pay per click management, etc. which contributes well to search engine optimization. The SEO company and their experts understand the spiders or the crawlers and their algorithm much more than a common person who is running a business through his website. However, you should take care of the fact that you are approaching a right SEO company.

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