Rankinity SEO Tool Review

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key element to the promotional tactics of any website running over the internet. It is really important to monitor the website rank with SEO. An SEO analyst must generate the daily reports for the website he/she is monitoring and handle it to the clients. This will help out the clients to monitor the improvement in website rank daily and also the efforts made by the SEO analyst to make the website rank high on search engines. So, there is a need of a tool to monitor the progress of site efficiently at each and every stage. Rankinity is one of the best tools to monitor the progress of your website everyday with exact analysis.

Rankinity is the service that provides you the website rank tracking mechanism and is developed for both webmasters and SEO Specialists. Website rank will be monitored as the position of the website on search. It will also search the information related to your website competition with your website on different search engines. You can analyze the positions at different time intervals too. Some of the great features of this excellent tool are:

  • It checks the rankings of your website in real time
  • It does the competitor analysis in SERPs
  • It monitors the position of your website on multiple search engines
  • It can limit the search to particular city or country
  • SEO Project Collaboration
  • It provides you flexible rank checking intervals
  • It also group keywords to focus your efforts
  • It assign weight to keywords
  • Provides Infographics for the Quick Review of the Keyword Standings
  • It helps in detailed SERP analysis by keyword
  • It also helps in complete branding of the interface
  • It discovers the fast growing websites automatically
  • You can earn more with Rankinity
  • You can also integrate your site with it using Rankinity API

These were some excellent features of this wonderful website rank checking tool. Some of the important features are discussed below. You must have a close look over them.

Real Time Checking of your Website Instantly

Rankinity is a first service that provides you with online checking of the positions of your websites in real time. The real time engine of this wonderful tool allows you to obtain the changes instantly without actually refreshing the page. You just need to specify the URL of your site, add the keywords, and then select the search engine on which you want to promote your website. It will give you the actual position of your site on real time.


Analyze your Competitors in SERPs

Rankinity allows you to keep track of your competitors by proper competition analysis reports. You just need to specify the websites that you think are in your competition. It will provide you the complete competition analysis report.


Your Website position can be monitored on various search engines

Google is not the only search engine of the world. There are many more search engines that people might be using around the world. Rankinity will help you to check out how your website is performing on different search engines around the world. It will analyze the position of your website on different search engines.


Limit the Search of your website to Particular City or Country

The web search positions depend on geography and the local country results might differ. Rankinity checks the positions of your website based on the locations. It can monitor the position of your site globally regionally or city wise.


SEO Project Collaboration

Rankinity organizes a cooperative work from the collaborators for your website. You might need a team for analyzing the current trends and promoting your website. Rankinity will do all these things for you.


Rank Checking at Flexible Intervals

Rankinity will allow you to regulate the frequency of the web ranking and you can easily check according to your needs and budgets. If you want a cost effective monitoring then you can reduce the intervals and can get the accurate positions for your website in those intervals.


Grouping Keywords to Focus Efforts Made by You

Rankinity allows you putting the keywords in groups and then do the visibility analysis. This will help you to analyze that how every page of your website performs for the list of specified keywords. It will further help you to increase the efficiency of your SEO analysis efforts.


Assigning the Weight to Keywords

There are some keywords that are important than the other ones. Rankinity can tell you that which keywords you should value higher. By assigning the weight to your keywords you can actually define that to what extent the keywords will affect the visibility of your website. The high weighted keywords will put more effect on the ranking of your website than the low weighted keywords. Also, the long tail keywords do not bring higher traffic and corresponds to low weight keywords.


You can view the Keywords with Infographics

Rankinity generates the real time reports for you in both graphical and numeric form. You can see the performance of each and every keyword and get the visual reports in form of infographics representing the history and visibility of the keywords over a time period. It will provide you the precise detail about each and every keyword you are looking for.


Find Fast Growing Websites Automatically

The search engine results keep on changing constantly and there are sites that go down slowly while the other may rise quickly. Rankinity will help you to analyze the rapid growing websites and the individual pages. You can find different blogs and websites and even the forums on your topic. This will allow you to uncover the potential of your competitors.


Final Words

Rankinity is one of the most efficient online website rank checking tools in real time. It provides you with complete analysis of your website and at the same time you can also analyze the website of your competitors. So, try this tool for once and boost your website rankings with its analysis.

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