Powerful E-commerce SEO Tips

Once you have decided to set up a website for E-commerce i.e. for the purpose of selling products or service. The trendy and fancy website is not helpful in case the user is not able to find you out or make it from the website. In case the website does not get listed on the first page itself in the search engine, then almost 80% of the users will not make to reach up to your site. Therefore, it is of crucial importance to get the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With the help of best of the SEO at the place, the ranking of your website will get better, which will eventually make it easy for the customers to find you.

The higher the website traffic, higher will be the sales leads, and very important to the success of any business.

If you are looking for the way how to start your e-commerce website SEO so, here are some powerful e-commerce SEO tips. These tips will help you to boost your website traffic and online visibility.


Know your Audience or the Prospective Buyers

You should allocate some time or resource to research and know your audience or the prospective buyers. Do you need to know the search habits of the buyers like what they are looking forward? Type of language and communication ways they understand. Learn as much as possible about the audience and their profiles e.g., the type of device they use to access the internet etc. The more you know the target audience, the more guidance you will receive to help set up your own website for those prospective buyers.

Deploying Right Keywords

It is one of the very important tips for the success of your e-commerce SEO to deploy the right keywords. In case you do not plan strategically defined keywords, it will be too difficult to bring in the traffic through search engines. Therefore, the proper keyword research is important to do. Once you find the right keywords for your business by doing a proper keyword research then you can deploy keywords. It also helps you to get more traffic to your websites from search engines.

Usually, the users are smart and specific in searching something on search engines. Therefore, it becomes imperative to use very simple and generic keywords. The words which generally have more competition. So always try to use nice phrases and good keywords. Sometimes, long tail keywords are also used wherein they are being used as search engines.

Avoid Duplicate Content

One of the worst things you can do for your e-commerce site is to use duplicate content for your site. Search engines penalize sites that have duplicate content, so you need to avoid using it.

Although, it is universally known fact that the e-commerce websites offer more or less no difference products. And these more or less similar products are also advertised with almost same description. So it has to be kept in mind that the same or repetitive content should not be used. Do not to use the product descriptions that come from the manufacturer’s website. Write a fresh and new content for the better results and Search Engines loves fresh and unique content.

Display Product Images

Using the product images of the products on the product pages is a better way to grab user attention. And all product pages should have alluring and attractive with high-quality images. Without images, the prospective customers may not get attracted.

The following are the tips to consider:

  • Use the actual product image if possible.
  • The Images placed should be enlargeable to have a better view.
  • All angels images should be there.
  • Images should be accompanied by text.

Application of Google Analytics

Although the Google Analytics will not improve or make your search engine performance better, it will help in identifying productive SEO strategies. With the help of Google Analytics, you can work out and get to know the real channel of the reference. Even the demographic analysis can also be done with ease. Eventually, it will allow us to check the amount of valuable data in return the SEO efforts for the best results.

Selection of Keyword Rich and Product Descriptions

It is always advisable not to use the duplicate or copied content. Therefore, it becomes more important to choose the keywords wisely that describes the product. The descriptions help to convert the potential buyer into the real customer. In fact, it is very much important to match the product descriptions. It’s also important that features and benefits of the products encourage the conversion.

Keep posting the Unique Content

In order to have better search engine ranking, you should be putting the fresh content. The e-commerce sites perform better with unique content posting. There are some strategies for adding fresh content include:

  • Blogging or Site Blog – It is always helpful to have a blog on your e-commerce site. It helps in building and creating relationships with the same pre-existing customers. The blog attracts more traffic and the highlighted or product brings better results.
  • Customer Reviews – Customers reviews are worthwhile for making new customers. So, allowing customers to post reviews is a best practice. Having Customer reviews helps in relationship building and also attracts newer customers.
  • Content Videos – Nowadays uploading or adding videos on your website is quite easy, it works as the content to your e-commerce. Post videos on YouTube too to get more traffic to your website.

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