Indispensable Tips for Ecommerce Businesses on Better SEO

seo processGetting visibility on Google search is a challenge that is faced by each and every e-commerce business on a daily basis. With the first page usually being dominated by big brands, it is proving very difficult for small businesses to get a decent rank. However, despite it being so difficult to rank in the face of intense competition, SEO should remain an important part of your marketing strategy. If you aspire to have a good ranking, here are some tips:

Focus On User Engagement

Among the very first things that should be on your list is an emphasis on increasing the speed of loading the site. This is extremely important because users of today are extremely impatient and do not like to wait for more than just a moment for the site to load. If the site loading speed seems to be too slow they just abandon the process and go to another site, perhaps to never return. Ensure that your website has a nice and clean design that is easily navigable. Pay special attention to getting rid of fancy graphics, clutter, and masses of text that nobody wants to read anyway. Also, make it easy for users to give feedback regarding their experience of your site. If you can’t figure out how well your site actually loads, then try out one of the many free tools like Google PageSpeed Insights.

Think the Way Google Does

The e-commerce sector was badly hit when Google’s Panda and Penguin updates started penalizing them for duplicate and thin content. The only way you can achieve a good page rank is to make sure that each and every page of the site has content that is relevant, compelling, and valuable to the user. Also, ensure that you comply with the best search engine optimization practices relevant to e-commerce websites so that you are able to achieve the best rank organically.

It is also important that you avoid using standardized templates. Also, ensure that every product page has unique and relevant descriptions in as much detail as possible because it will allow you to use long-tail keywords naturally. Concepts of keyword density have gone out of the window with Google now being able to figure out the context of the page contents and factor it into the ranking. If due to unavoidable reasons a product page does not have too much content then you should add a “noindex” tag to prevent Google from indexing it. Creating a blog will give you the opportunity of demonstrating to your visitors the depth of knowledge that you have on your domain and emerge as an authority on the subject.

Optimize For the Mobile Phone

With an increasing number of users accessing the web from portable devices, it is vital that your website has a responsive design that will allow the pages to display properly on the much smaller screens. It has been reported that already more searches are being conducted on mobile devices than desktops and very soon the number online purchases will also follow suit so it is crucial for e-commerce companies to have mobile friendly sites.

Employ the Right Link-Building Strategy

Even though SEO strategies change quickly to keep pace with the way Google’s search has been evolving, link building has retained its importance. You should always try to build links that will serve to attract traffic to your site and strictly avoid those sites whose sole function is to serve links to websites for money. The links that are most valuable will come from sites with real authority and these are usually difficult to obtain. Variation in anchor text and including content of very good quality works very well to attract links. Links are as good as the quality of the content they point to and the number of links has long ceased to have any importance.


Because of the intense competition in the e-commerce sector, it can be very tough for individual businesses to get consistently good ranks. However, if you are focused on delivering quality content and a great user experience, Google will automatically recognize it and reward you with good page ranks.


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