How to Scan Your Word Press Website for Better Security and Improved Search Rankings

Proper scanning of your website is extremely important part of making it best and well secured from different harmful attacks. Unfortunately, different malicious attacks destroy our brand reputation, and then negatively impact our great user experience. Then, resultantly it hurts our Google search rankings and SEO results.

And most of all, if you will take the security of business website very lightly and carelessly, then you’re simply allowing some bad people to sabotage the entire search rankings and your online business.

So if you have never scanned your website regularly and properly, then you can check below-mentioned ways for improved results;

Reasons your word press site gets infected:

Check out the important reasons first, that can destroy the whole reputation of your brand and word press site.

  • Improper SEO:

Do you also know that your strong competitors can easily hurt your search engine rankings by applying different black-hat SEO methodologies, in order to build malicious backlinks to your site? If yes, then you must take it serious because it’s quite common now and this practice is known as negative or improper SEO.

  • Mischievous attacks:

There are different mischievous hackers who attack your website for stealing your confidential data and building important back links to their own associated sites. And some other people also do it just for sake of little fun. So now because your website is a small one, so it will never guarantee that you are also quite safe from such malicious attacks.

Precautionary steps for better security and avoiding malicious attacks:

There are ample of useful precautionary measures you should take to avoid getting your Word press site impacted by harmful code. So now, I’ll explain how to scan your site for good security and how to find if your website is also prone to some malicious attacks.

  • Fix negative SEO impacts:

Before trying to fix those malicious attacks on your site, I think the first and important thing you should do is to secure your server. So unless your business website is hosted on a safe and secure server, your website will not be carefully protected from several future attacks. So different reversing actions you will take will only be some kind of temporary measure.

  • Scanning your word press website:

It’s not at all a surprising thing that word press site is the favorite one of all hackers because it is actually the most popular website builder. Word press is a common target for all the hackers out there; we need to be extra conscious in regarding safety and security concerns of Word Press site. If you find some trouble in it, you can even choose customize word press theme because it will be more secure and will lessen the impacts of hacking. It will even make your site more meaningful. So you are just required to do regular monitoring for different malicious attacks and can take different corrective actions.

  • Monitor the speed of your website:

Sending million of different requests to the server at one time could actually bring your website quite down in rankings. If you are finding a great drop in site speed, then you should check if it is caused by what kind of spam attacks. You can even use a simple tool Pingdom to monitor the correct speed of your site and its uptime.

  • Check out the duplicate content:

You know redistribution of your compelling content on all over the web can hurt your rankings badly? And on the flipside, if users do not want to hurt search ranking while copying your compelling content, then it can greatly cause some negative impacts on your entire search results. You can use different tools to identify the theft and duplicate content in order to improve your search rankings.

  • Theme authenticity checker:

Theme authenticity checker is basically a free plug-in that efficiently scans your word press theme files for some potentially malicious errors and code. It rapidly searches different source files of the installed themes for multiple signs of harmful and malicious codes. So if it identifies the unwanted and malicious code is on the installed theme, then the plug-in will eventually show you the right path to that theme file, and also the line number and some suspected snippet.

  • Remove needless links:

I think it’s quite irrelevant to suggest that you should avoid needless and spammy links. If your website is negatively impacted by tons of spammy links then you are doing wrong SEO which could harm the reputation of your brand. In order to avoid this, you can email the webmaster and assess certain vulnerable back links that can create problems for your website.

So these were the important points which are often neglected in terms of better security and improved rankings. But I am sure, if you will follow them with great care, you can achieve your desired target within a couple of days… so be wise and follow the recommendations for better results!

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