How To Make Your SEO Strategy Result Driven

Seo StrategyAt the year of 2017 when all major search engines possess mature algorithms to sort out big and succeeding businesses, you might be in doubt for how to survive if you’re a small shop. Because many seo tactics like huge number of backlinks, 5% keywords density, long tail words placement in first 100 words of landing page etc. have been devalued by Google. And too many vendors are there out in the market selling same set of professional offerings as that of yours. Interestingly, yet there are a myriad of ways to form proper seo strategy that would work and single out your site from competitors who haven’t adopted seo undertakings just more than its nascent stages.

Saga of backlinks

Eric Enge, a digital marketing veteran and writer of Art of SEO, O’Reilly, puts forward that technicality oriented or quality content submitted in high DA sites provides an edge to businesses. Moz study endorses this, and rates continuous submission at 0.3 marks out of 1 for this activity. In correlation with page level metrics, Moz authority further explores and recommends for bringing this action of getting links out of rudimentary level approach. In any high authority domain, not every page is viewed with same importance internally by search algorithms. Take for example, products pages sometimes hold advance PA or page authority due to their visual cues and image alt & title tags. And therefore, redirection back to your web page from anchor text of top pages extends rate up to 0.37. Amid top 200 Google ranking factors, external links from trustworthy websites is number one parameter, and lacking efforts for acquiring it from your end is totally unacceptable. Although ‘trustworthy’ word here is intangible, clear indications for that are provided sufficiently. Examples are .gov sites, websites with worldwide recognition like top brands etc. have magnitude over local retail shops. While not of extraordinary worth, the internal structure of navigation has minor significance. If visitor can reach to any page of your web portal from another page within the span of two clicks, this is taken as SEO friendly design from both Bing and Google. Recent ‘Fred’ update released by Google Inc. reveals that overcrowding of a large number of bogus backlinks for ranking will now be tested for tweaking purpose i.e. cheaper ways or mere number cannot display your business in 1st SERP from onwards. The positive side is that if you are already fan of white hat SEO techniques alone, this upgrade ought to benefit and support your endeavours.

Beware of Thin Content

thin content

In fact, this is the first and foremost advice that I want to impart on start-ups. Accepted, requesting link may result in approval or rejection. As this is out of our control. Second, if you are arguing regarding age factor, it is quite costly to purchase and host already used, widely known URLs, thus it is not financially feasible. What is always available at your fingertips is, adding the bulk of context specific, meaningful information day-to-day basis on the site blogs and pages. And which is not only about your services, but also includes value added information like news of the industry and sector you are in. From these hints or latent semantic indexing(LSI) keywords, search algorithms articulately locate your web presence from generic ones.

Keywords in the format of statement


Never inject simply comma delimited high search volume keywords in HTML Meta descriptions tag. As recommended by one of the best WordPress SEO extension product, Yoast plugin suggests, this could rather be detrimental to your search engine position. Google is always looking after spam techniques that fall under gray hat optimization efforts, catches them gradually and puts respected vendor out of the game. In conclusion, accommodate maximum keywords as per your desire in a complete English sentence format.

User Experience and Interactivity

user experience

Independent of SEO and links analysis, Google consumes CTR data for calculation of search results position, as exploited by Paul Haahr, an engineer from Google itself. And higher CTR is in the proportion of engagement and fun that you serve to visitors and buyers. So that they may browse website again even for spending time on it as opposed to conversion objective that we deserve each time.

For click through rate (CTR), Moz foundation says that, “The more your pages beat the expected organic CTR for a given position, the more likely you are to appear in prominent organic positions.”

You can stick around targeted audience by use of appropriate break up of titles or subheading throughout different sections of the web page.

User experience is an entire topic in itself that has more to do with CSS effects and site layout, and demands series of articles on it.

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