How to Create Content to Win Your Audiences

CONTENTWhen it comes to content marketing, whether it is through the social media or a website, or even a blog, it is important that your content connects with the audience generating more engagement. It should trigger interest and curiosity, thus easily turning your potential customers in to buyers in the shortest time possible.

Understand your audience

The very first step to take in this venture is to understand your audience. You should learn what they like, dislike, their interests, taboos, and the language they use. Learn where they hand out, their experiences and their expectations. This way, you will be able to plan and churn out content that is guaranteed to win such an audience.


When making your content, always include images. They say an image speaks a thousand words. This is very true. Images and photos also tend to pull and grab the attention of people easier than plain text content. You can actually use an image to attract people to your website or social profiles and then reinforce it with text that is equally capturing.

Great fonts

While doing the content, ensure that you use easy to read fonts where platforms allow such. Don't try to use fancy fonts because a majority of people may not be able to read them and will just ignore the content.


The perfect way to do capturing content is to summarize what you want to communicate in an infographic. This is an image that combines both text and photos/images. Infographics help send a message quicker and easier to your intended audience. They can also be made very attractive using different colors, fonts and styles.

Short and precise

Your message should be short and precise. A lengthy content piece is most likely to be ignored and especially if it is facts based or boring. Lengthy content also tend to include non-essentials, making them very uninteresting and boring. Always summarize your content in to as few words and sentences as you can. This keeps your audience captured and engaged through out the content piece thus effectively communicating the message you want to send out.

Informative and educative

Your content should offer something new that your audience probably doesn't know. It should be entertaining, informative, educative and beneficial to the user. This creates deep engagement making your audience even want to share this content. Such content may turn viral exposing your brand to more people across the internet world. This in turn means more followers, a larger audience and community, and more customers.

Ask questions

Provoke your audience with questions that seek to get their opinions about different subject matters related to your business. Such questions make your audience feel part of your business. At the same time, it is through these questions that you create a community of people who also help answer the questions their colleagues ask within the different platforms you use to expose your content, be it your own website, blog or the social media

Tell stories

To top it all, employ the use of story telling to grab your audiences' attention. Stories have a way of making people connect at a personal level. They create trust, interest, passion and curiosity. This keeps your audience wanting more and looking forward to the next part of the story, or the next story altogether.

Fill in the blanks

Another very effective way of creating more engaging content that wins your audience is the use of fill in the blanks kind of content. This kind of approach makes your audience part of the riddle that needs to be solved for the whole picture to be seen. An audience captured this way can offer you great insights on what you need to do to create products and services that meet the exact needs of this audience. This way, you can even come up with new products, or modify your current products, to be exactly what your market needs.


Finally, once in a while, run contests within your content context to cement your engagement with your audience. A contest on the social media platforms, for instance, engages your audience more since they will be looking to get a reward at the end of it all. A contest also helps grow your audience especially if it is carefully crafted to reward those who bring in the most friends on to the contest or platform.

Employing these simple techniques will guarantee an increased engagement with your target audience regardless of the platform you are working on.


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