Best Guest Posting Practices for Your SEO Success

guest-postingGuest posting is one of the best ways to build solid popularity in your niche. It is also a good way to improve your website ranking. Many people use guest posting as an SEO standard for content marketing. They simply post their content in many related blogs in their niche instead of posting them to article directories. That’s because as far as SEO is concerned, it is better for you to get links from relevant websites instead of irrelevant websites. Article directories might be irrelevant for your website because they are not targeted for specific niche. On the other hand, guest posting can be a good way to build quality links because you’re getting your links only from relevant websites within your niche. Here are 5 guest posting best practices for your SEO success:

1. Spread Your Guest Posts

Don’t just focus on a single blog for your guest post. Remember that you need links from various sources in order to increase your ranking. A single blog might be able to give you good amount of traffic, but it will be temporary. Links that come from a single blog can’t be counted as valuable enough to raise you ranking, except if you’re targeting very weak keywords. So, keep looking for new blogs where you can publish your guest posts. Spread your guest posts on various relevant blogs.

2. Make Each Guest Post Important

Don’t write your guest post as if you’re writing an article for article directory. Remember that the audience of your host blog is a targeted audience that has good interest in the niche. So, make each guest post important so that it can impress the audience of your host blog. In this way, they will be interested to visit your blog to learn more information. If you can make each guest post important, you will be able to quickly boost your blog audience with guest posting alone.

3. Appeal To The Host Blog’s Audience

Remember that your goal in writing your guest post is not only for link building, but also to attract the interest of your host blog’s audience. That’s why you need to appeal to the host blog’s audience by giving unique insights and valuable information in your guest post. Always create valuable article for your guest post, better than the usual content that you write for article directories. Your guest post needs to be detailed, informative, and well-explained.

4. Link To The Most Relevant Page On Your Blog

Many people only link to their blog’s homepage when they publish their guest post. Thus, even though they’re publishing 1000 guest posts, the only page that will get benefit from the links is their homepage. You should avoid doing this. Remember that search engines rely so much on relevancy when they determine the rank of each indexed website. Be sure to spread your links. Deep linking is important in order for you to get the most benefit from your guest posting activity. However, keep your links relevant with the content of your guest post.

5. Keep Your Guest Post Active

Don’t ignore your guest post just because it has been published by the host blog. There will be some discussions going on. You have to participate on the discussion. Some of your readers will ask some questions about what you write in your post. You should answer their questions and give them some explanation. Some people will thank you for writing such a great post. You should thank them back. By being active in responding your readers’ comments, you will keep your guest post active, which will in turn make the links within your guest post more valuable.

Those are 5 guest posting best practices for your SEO success. Guest posting is probably one of the most effective link building methods that you can try. It will give some boost to your website rank if you’re doing it properly. Follow the tips above if you want to successfully apply guest posting in your SEO campaign.

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