Combining Pay Per Click and SEO for Success

SEO and PPC are two main pillars of a good digital marketing strategy. Both help in getting online business success in a different way but also connected to each other. According to MOZ, preparing a marketing strategy by combining both elements will provide an effective modern solution for your online business success. Let’s begin and introduce to complete information.

For targeting the organic search results and bring quality traffic, search engine optimisation tactics are useful. SEO practices will benefit by improving website ranking in search engine results and increase visibility. The best SEO strategy prepares by focusing on three phases.

  • Technical SEO practices are useful in managing the website’s technical elements and keep it perfect like – Robots.txt file.
  • On-Page SEO practices help in work on maintaining the website SEO-friendly such as – content optimisation, meta title & description, keyword placements, and so on.
  • Off-Page SEO practices depend on external or third-party sources where the professionals try to build some backlinks and increase the website’s credibility and get ranked.

As a result of all these practices, the website holds a good position on SERP and gets traffic with numerous potential customers. Here, everyone needs to keep patience and invests the time but the results are long-lasting.

PPC is a paid way of online marketing. It strengthens the business marketing strategy by running different types of advertisement campaigns on search engines such as –

  • Display
  • Search
  • Shopping
  • Application
  • Video

It helps in getting results in a short period of time, but the effectiveness of results also remains for less time. With PPC, the application of some specific filters is possible by which it becomes easier to present the advertisement in front of potential customers only.

How To Combine SEO & PPC For Desired Results?

According to Magnify Lab, a PPC agency in London, a combination of both PPC & SEO will increase website visibility and effectiveness of results. Using both techniques is not enough to work on a successful combination. Here, you can use SEO and PPC to help each other by gathering market statistics perfectly.

Usage Of PPC Data

SEO procedure never comes to an end. It requires consistency in updates with fresh, unique, informative, and impressive content. Running PPC campaigns will assist in discovering some result-oriented content easily. In case, the PPC advertisements drive the best results, then it can be a smart move to repurpose such content into SEO. PPC text can repurpose in creating meta titles and descriptions for the website’s appearance in search results.

Keyword Selection

A keyword is one of the essentials for online business success and growth. All businesses need to choose the relevant keywords by which they can bring maximum traffic to their website. PPC is a great source for testing keywords and figures out it is perfect for SEO or not.

By using the main keywords, it is good to form an advertising campaign and run it. If the advertisement provides desired results with quality traffic, then the keyword should be chosen for search engine optimisation.

Get Visitors Back

SEO practices can bring lots of traffic to generate business leads. With it, the risk of abandonment is also higher. For abandoning your website, a user may have lots of reasons. Here, you are left with a lead that abandons you once.

With the use of PPC tactics, remarketing campaigns can consider and target such leads again. It may impress them and bring on the website again to complete the process they leave incomplete earlier.

Build An Effective Brand Image

Some people think SEO and PPC are two sources of promotions and generating leads only. In reality, both are useful in getting much better results and accomplishing major goals like – be a brand. It is important to add creativity while implementing SEO & PPC techniques.

Creative, informative, and impressive campaigns can present your business effectively. Consequently, you can work on building a unique identity in the online marketplace.

Results Of Such A Great Marketing Combination

Dominate Organic & Paid Results

Some users focus on ads and some on organic results. By running a combined SEO & PPC strategy, you can dominate both types of results. Having the website reference at the top in both organic and paid search results will be beneficial in boosting traffic and lead generation.

Improved Click-Through Rate

Getting impressions in search results is not enough for achieving business goals. Everyone needs to be focused on the click-through rate as well. Working by creating and publishing attractive marketing campaigns, click-through rates can be improved and deliver success-oriented results.

More Conversions

Business profit and final results are based on the conversions only. In case a lead cannot get converted into a customer or client, then marketing campaigns are not benefiting. With combined SEO and PPC efforts, it can become much easier.

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