Blog Length – What You Should Know

blogYou will come across many people that will give you invaluable advice about how to start a blog and how you can make it readable and make it popular, so on and so forth. However, an important aspect that oftentimes gets overlooked is the length of the blog. What is the ideal blog length? This is exactly what we will focus on in this write up. So, read on for more insight into this topic. The length of the blog post should be necessarily decided upon depending on the following factors-

  • Attention span of the online readers

It is a well known fact that when online readers go through a piece of information on any webpage, the attention span is limited. In fact, they tend to just scan through the write up. Experts are of the opinion that an online reader will stay on any webpage for not more than a minute at the most. As such, the length of the blog should be decided upon in accordance to the same. So, the topic you select for the blog is crucial too.

  • Search Engine Optimization

From the point of view of Search Engine Optimization, no post should be either too long or too short. If the post is too short, it will perhaps have no information at all or it may not convey the important aspects of the topic and if it is too long, chances are that it will tend to deviate from the main topic and lose focus of the theme of the blog. As such, it is said that ideally, the length of the blog should not exceed an average length that is acceptable to both the reader as well as the blogger.

  • Topic of the blog

As mentioned above, the type of topic you select will also determine how long the blog is required to be. This can be better understood with the help of an example. For instance, if you have chosen a topic on illness, you have to discuss about the causes, risks, symptoms, remedies, and perhaps prognosis, if you wish to. So, you can incorporate all of these sub topics in the blog, thereby making it reasonably long. But if you are writing about an event or news, for that matter, you cannot just go on and on. Here the length (especially in news reports) is not desirable and the length can be restricted to a shorter post.

In other words, you should not blog just for the sake of it. It should have the following desirable points that include:

  • It should be meaningful, should not appear immature or irrelevant,
  • The blog should be written in simple and a lucid manner, which will help you to connect better with your readers.
  • The language you use should not be complicated and should be easily understandable. It may be mentioned here that if a reader has to refer to a dictionary/thesaurus for words he is not being able to understand, the flow of the write up is lost and this will cause the reader to lose interest in the blog.

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