Best Tactics For Your Mobile App Store Optimization

The work on ASO is critical if you want your game or application to become popular and installed by many users. Let’s talk about the main points of ASO.

  1. Compilation of the semantic core. Keyword selection can be done manually, but if you want to save time, optimizers use automated services. Such services help to get detailed statistics on keywords and search queries, track the position of the mobile game or application, differentiate users by queries, analyze their behavior, needs, etc.
  2. Reviews. Positive feedback affects the ranking, which directly affects the visibility of the mobile application in search results. At the initial stage of your full service marketing strategy, you will have to ask friends and acquaintances to leave feedback or buy them on special services. Subsequently, reviews will be collected at the expense of real users. When developing a program, it is important to include in the program interface the function of collecting feedback. Invite users to rate the app, but do so unobtrusively, be fair and respectful. When you get negative feedback, never leave it without attention. Be sure to ask additional questions or offer to contact developers in order to solve their issue.
  3. Name optimization. The application markets are very crowded, which makes it difficult for users to find what they are looking for and challenging for the developers of the applications to make their products visible for everyone. Your app name should be easy to understand and unique. Also it is important to insert the strongest and most relevant keywords in your title, avoiding the usage of special characters. Apple recommends that the title be no longer than 25 characters, as that’s how many characters appear in the application name. In Google Play you can use up to 30 characters in the title for Android applications.
  4. Optimization of keywords and descriptions. In the App Store, the keywords that are prescribed in a special field “keywords”, the length of which is 100 characters, play a very important role. The main keys that have been obtained as a result of the preliminary analysis should fit into keywords. Description in the App Store is not of fundamental importance, so there is no need to prescribe keys in it.

Nevertheless, the description should be as clear and understandable as possible to users. In Google Play, on the other hand, description affects the relevance of the Android application page, so it is important to use keywords in the description, distributing them throughout the text as naturally as possible in order to avoid spam. For example, if you have an app for learning languages, you can mention the benefits of language learning, tactics people most often use, and challenges they may face as these are the most common things language learners search for. The text should be well structured, easy to read, contain bulleted and numbered lists, readable paragraphs.

  1. Work with the icon, screenshots, and promotional video. The icon highlights the application against the background of similar products in the top and motivates the user to install the utility. Practice shows that it is better to design an icon in the style of famous brands. Screenshots are designed to give an overview of your program and encourage users to download the application. It is better to use screenshots with short, well-thought-out promo lines that describe the main benefits of the product. Pay the most attention to the first screen. The short trailer is able to give the user much more information about the program than any pictures. The presence of a promotional video is a significant advantage for both search engines of the store and for users.

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