Best Free SEO Tools You Must Try in 2020

Free tools are the most awesome for search engine optimization. We want you to know about SEO tools that can help you improve your traffic, money income, ranking position, reputation on the internet. There are tons of free SEO tools available online, but today we have shortlisted the most reliable and accurate tools for you guys. The reason that we have shortlisted these SEO tools for you is only so that you cannot waste your time with other junk tools available on the internet!

Google analytics

Google Analytics is the first online SEO tool that we want you to know about. This online tool is just like air to website SEO. Google Analytics is among the only tools on the web that can help you by providing a complete analysis report about your website or any other website on the internet for that matter. Google Analytics can provide you with information like the actions on your website, the important data, the visitors on your site, and also the amount of organic traffic on your content. All of this information can be very useful!

Keyword Rank Checker

You might have heard the importance of keywords for search engine optimization. Keywords are an important part of SEO; they make your website and content visible for the search engines. The keyword position checker by SearchEngineReports is the best free online tool to check your ranking keywords in search engines. It is also known as the keyword rank checker that is important to improve SEO.

Finding keywords is not the only thing that you need to optimize your content. The keyword rank checker tools can help you know about the ranking position of your site for the keywords you have used in it. This information is very vital if you are opting for higher ranks! There are many rank checker tools available for checking website keyword ranking, but this online tool is free and reliable in its working!

Backlink checkers

The backlink checker tools are very important for search engine optimization. Backlinks are the vote of confidence that you get from other websites of higher authority. Connecting with these sites through the backlink channel is the best way to gain the trust of the search engine, and this is what helps you index and rank faster on the SERPs. There are many methods by which you can fetch quality backlinks, but we want you to know that the backlink checker by SER is a free and reliable tool that can help you get good quality and relative links for your content or site!

Domain authority checker

Domain authority which is commonly known as website credibility in simple words is a very important seo metric. We want our readers to know that the domain authority score is very important for you to know, this score would help you analyze your position on the internet for the search engine. The domain authority checker tool by is a very famous tool available on the internet. This tool can tell you about the exact position and health of your site based on its domain address. We want you to know that this is a free tool that can help you a lot in getting to your competition. An important tip for you guys is to only set a goal for the score that is higher than your competition.

Image compressor tools

Today it is important that you add images to your blogs and your websites so that they can become more visually attractive. A platform that has images in it has more organic traffic than the one which has only text in it. Now adding images is no doubt important, but at the same time, you must know that images are the only thing on your site, which would affect the size and overall loading speed of the page.

Now if the page loading speed is low, then there is no way you can achieve a better position or rank. The image compressor tool by is one of the best tools that can help you in this regard. We want you to know that the image compressor tool can help you reduce the file size of an image without compromising its quality and can also save your page from lagging!


To achieve a higher SEO score, you must publish unique and good quality content. Now content creation is not that easy as it looks like, but it doesn’t mean you cannot do it. Grammarly is a writing platform that can help you create content of the highest quality. You must know that this tool can help you remove all errors from your content, including plagiarism and without any trouble or experience. This is among the best SEO writing tools that you can find online!

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