Basic SEO-Essential for Better Search Engine Response and Seamless User Experience

seO 1SEO helps to position your site properly, so that you can be found easily, when consumers come searching for your products or services.

According to SEO experts, ‘Overlooking the basic and expending money and time on fancy stuff is similar to avoiding healthy habits like brushing teeth and bathing. Instead you waste money on white strips and expensive perfume'.

What exactly is SEO?

The aim of SEO is not to deceive or play games with search engines, but its purpose is to –

  • Create a perfect user experience
  • Convey your intentions to search engines, which enables them to commend your site for related searches

What factors do search engines look for ranking?

Search engines were designed to refer most relevant websites and content to the query of the people who search online. The relevancy and ranking factor is determined on the basis of –

  • Content uniqueness
  • Relevant information
  • Site Performance
  • Link authority features
  • Trusted backlinks
  • User experience
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Bounce rate
  • Social metrics
  • Rich media content (video)

Google's ranking algorithm fluctuates, because they constantly update and refine their process. SEO Gold Coast professionals always update themselves to keep in alignment with current changes and thus, provide effective optimization services.

What search engines crawler does not want?

Search engine bots are designed to detect shady tactics and can penalize the site owners attempting to trick them. Things the spiders do not want are –

  • Poor user experience-With lots of ads user find it difficult to locate the content, which increases your bounce rate.
  • Purchased links-A purchased link can be of poor quality or irrelevant, which can harm your online reputation.
  • Keyword overuse-Stuffing of keyword is another red flag.

Be aware of your business goal?

Many people ignore their internet marketing goal, but it is vital to have a good strategy planned. What is the definition of conversion according to you? Just having attractive web pages will not bring clicks.

Think about multi-channel optimization

Keyword strategy is vital for both on-site and off-site platforms. Multi-channel optimization can be performed for variety of online platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Email, LinkedIn, as well as offline channels like TV and radio.

Consistently employ keyword phrases in these channels. It will help to enhance your branding, but users will learn to apply those specific optimized phrases in their search queries.

Keep a consistent domain name

Domain name identifies your IP address. So, for best practice, use sub-directory root domain ( versus sub-domain (

Other domain name best practices include –

  • Consistent domain-Generally, www is seen before the domain name, which is sub domain. If you type your domain name without www and reach it, but cannot reach it on typing www, then your domain name is set incorrectly. It means your SEO efforts will be ineffective, because external sites will link to two sites and, which will weaken your inbound links.
  • Old domains are good-Buy old domains carefully, because the past owner may have done something shady, which can harm your reputation. However, old domains are superior to new.

Remember to prioritize your SEO and follow best practices. Ignoring or cutting corners will weaken your website foundation. Thus, you can lose good revenue opportunities.

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