Bad Ways to Do Link Building

bad-link-buildingSEO experts learn from experience. Therefore, it might be difficult for some of them to remember their experiences with the following bad link building methods. This article, however, is for the beginners who need to be careful not to repeat the same mistakes that many SEO specialists before them have already made.

When it comes to link building and SEO in general, the ultimate goal is always better rankings. Throughout the years, due to constant algorithmic changes, many of the things which used to work are now considered bad practices. Here are some of the things you should avoid like the plague if you don't want to attract Google's attention in a negative way:

  • Approval without moderation

Submitting free ads to directories, using article directories and basically any other place where quantity is more important than quality is a bad idea. There are still some directories which can be used, but they are not many. It is important to avoid places where your submissions, regardless of what you are submitting, will be approved instantly without moderation. These are the places which spammers take advantage of and therefore they are places which Google doesn't like.

  • Paid links

Regardless of what you call it, paying for links is advertising and there's nothing wrong with that when you actually use it to advertise. However, paying for links with the sole purpose of ranking higher in the search results is a big mistake.

If you want to pay for links in order to advertise, make sure all of your links have the "nofollow" tag in order to keep Google happy.

  • Blog comments

Commenting on various blogs used to be an easy way to build links a long time ago. Nowadays, however, commenting on blogs with the purpose of getting better rankings and help your SEO campaign is a complete waste of time for two main reasons:

- Almost all of the links you will get from these comments have the "nofollow" tag

- It is more than likely that Google doesn't take into consideration the ones that have a "dofollow" tag

For these two reasons, it is unlikely (but not impossible) that your website is going to get a penalty from Google. But even if you don't get a penalty, blog comments will not have any positive impact on your rankings either, so don't waste your time.

On the other hand, commenting on blogs with the purpose of helping readers and contribute to a certain topic can help you get more traffic to your website and build your brand.

  • Guest posting

Publishing posts on other people's blogs is a very popular topic lately. This could be either a very good link building strategy or a very dangerous one.

As with any other SEO strategy nowadays, it is important not to do guest posting if your only goal is to get more links and better rankings. Make sure you only offer quality content that people would actually want to read and share and in many cases you will get more links than you originally expected. The advantages can be great, but avoid low quality blogs and publishing low quality content.

These are just some of the most popular SEO strategies that you should be careful with, but the list of things that no longer work is too long. Make sure you not only get links from websites with good metrics, but also from websites which can bring you lots of traffic. In conclusion - put quality before quantity and do things for people and not search engines. You will see good results sooner than you thought.

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