7 Essential SEO Campaign Tips for Audience Targeting

Before you even consider employing an SEO campaign for improving your marketing strategy and expanding your business, there are a few things you need to investigate. The things that are of paramount importance are attracting the right audience and getting an organic traffic to your site. The aim is to go from, let’s say, 150 to 1,500 organic visitors in several months.

But how do you know if those clients are really interested in your brand? How to be sure about the quality of those visitors? How to know whether they’ll keep on coming to your site?

In fact, not always more is better. Sure, if all of your visitors are interested in your brand, you have 1,500 clients. But, what if only 20% of those organic visitors are interested in buying your product? You’ll have 300 clients. Now, what if 50% of your 900 average visitors are interested in purchasing your product? You’ll have 450 potential clients! See, not always more is better. In this case, your goal is increasing the relevance, the real interest and each gain in interest is important in the long run. This is audience targeting. How to succeed in it?

Create a Contemporary Website

Building a great website is a must. If you don’t know how to do that, ask someone to do it for you. Your website needs to be modern, to have special features, to be an adequate reflection of your product, to be easy to navigate across etc. When your site is done, check it out. Then ask someone close whose judgment you can trust or yourself “If I were a client, would I like this website?” and if the answer is no, do everything in your power to make it better. Again, if that is not something you know how to do, look for some experts in the field.

Explore the Proper Niche

A niche in your case will be the right audience that will be interested in your product. This is integral, the basis of your entire SEO campaign, but also one of the most difficult steps. You should conduct various surveys and research the market thoroughly, as you can easily be misled. You may think that the highest likelihood of some group being interested in your brand is one audience, and after the results of your research come back you may bump into a significantly different audience. Be flexible and wait for the results. Remember, this is the foundation of your entire research and planning. You need to be sure that your selected audience is the most valuable for your product. See what audience shows interested in your product and even if you may take a switch, stick with that audience.

Find the Long-Tail Keywords Appropriate for Your Brand

In this stage, you will need to think of long-tail keyword and keyword phrases that would describe your brand and make a list. You will need to comb through your keywords, decide which ones would appeal to more clients, research your keywords and if you’re having any trouble with that, you can always contact experts and have the SEO agency that give you detailed reports and assess which keywords will work for your brand best. But remember that keywords are integral in a good SEO campaign. You can even say that your whole campaign depends on the right keywords. So, unless you have great knowledge of site optimization, you should get in contact with professionals.

Listen to Your Audience

The great thing about social media is that people are expressing their thoughts on things publically. Listen to your audience. See who your clients are, what they want to hear, what they want to see from you, how they interact with similar brands, get to know their desires and needs, values and preferences. They can share a lot, you only need to be alert.

Focus on Their Search Habits

Examine your audience and find out which their search habits are. For instance, one demographics may tell you something that can help you in your efforts of targeting them properly. Your audience may be the older generation or female population. You need to know your audience in order to provide it with what it needs. If, for instance, your audience is the female population, make them feel special, make them feel needed, make them feel powerful. Of course, this depends on your product or service, but you need to learn how to get to your audience properly. The more creative you are, the better.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Join the most popular social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram. If, for instance, your brand is in retail, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram would be a good starting point. You can post photos of your products and with luck, people will start sharing them. But don’t be annoying. Make it look like you’re doing it casually. People notice when someone is being too pushy and you might become repulsive. That is not what you want to achieve. In fact, you want to achieve quite the opposite. You want to build your social network in a natural way and attract organic traffic by nurturing that relationship with your audience.

Be Patient and Commit Yourself

You shouldn’t expect instant results. It may take months before you actually see the results. It is important to be committed and persistent. Keep on producing regular content, keep the audience engaged and do your thing. The results will appear when you least expect. Your goal should be publishing a tailored content that fits the habits of the target audience.

If you have any questions, please ask below!