7 Content Marketing Strategies that will Skyrocket your Website Traffic

Content marketers are the unsung warriors of the marketing game. Without great content, you can’t get conversions. And without conversions, marketing is useless.

But content marketers are already suffocating under the weight of numerous other tasks which keep them scrambling here and there, instead of creating a great content strategy.

Businesses have their own concerns. As most of the businesses have their website, improving website traffic is the core responsibility of content marketer. But how to improve website traffic through content marketing efforts?

No problem! We are here to discuss on the same topic. Here are some of the best content marketing strategies that will help you skyrocket your website traffic.

1. Go for more Visuals

When your audience first visits your website, show them what they actually want rather than just telling them. When you visit the homepage of a website, what jumps out? Is it just a sea full of text? Where do your eyes go first?

Yes, you got it right. You look for interesting images and infographics first. All text and no imagery make your page really dull.

Telling someone something new via text can be really difficult as they can remember just 10% of that information. However, if you pair a relevant image with the same information, the person will remember 65% of the information.

Human beings process images 60,000 times faster than simple plain text. Compliment your website text with relevant images. A graphic designing tool like Canva can be really helpful to create free images.

2. You Must Write to Go Viral

It is true that, not every piece of content is indeed destined for fame. Some content has to be written in an old-fashioned way and it won’t get retweeted thousands of times. And that’s totally okay.

The major problem is, some content marketers underestimate their ability to create viral content and find themselves stuck in “utility rut”. They only create functional posts that only the most diehard readers go through.

You must not be afraid to think out of the box and create an awesome post that can actually go viral. Be shareable, Be a little edgy. Be funny. Carve out your emotions.

3. Create more than Just a Blog

Blogging is not content marketing. Yes, it can be a part of your content marketing efforts.

There are around 500 million internet users who read blogs, but the marketers often look blog as an endpoint of their content rather than the starting point.

A blog cannot create conversion on its own. You need to look at the overall content goals and create a blog strategy that can actually drive results.

You need to understand that blogosphere is becoming more saturated with time. You need to be tactful. Adding video inside your content can help. Four times as many consumers would prefer watching a video rather than reading the text.

Plan your blogs strategy accordingly keeping the conversion goal in mind.

4. Know your Target Personas

I am not talking about having an idea who might be interesting in reading your content, but I am talking about constructing a buyer’s personas. You need to understand who your target customers are and what they are interested in before promoting your product to a random audience.

If you know your buyers’ persona, you will be able to frame a better value proposition and promote your product targeting different categories of buyers.

5. Repurpose the Best Work

I am not talking about copying the content from one website and pasting it to yours. I am talking about repurposing the content posted somewhere else in your own words.

There are tons of content types you can choose to repurpose from. The internet is flooded with thousands of posts that can be used to target new visitors and attract the audience. All you have to do is find out such articles or topics.

Once you have researched some of the best blog posts and found out what to write, you are all set to go. Repurpose that content. Try adding more information to it. Compliment with visuals to make it attractive and publish it under the blog section.

6. Write Catchy Headlines

The reader only reads your content once he/she enters to your webpage. What needs to be learned here? Emphasizing the headline of your content is critical.

A good headline can attract 5 times more readers as compared to an ordinary headline. You need to pull out all your creativity and give some time to create a marvelous headline that can seek the readers’ attention.

You should give at least half the time you took to write the blog to think about the headline for your post.

7. Be a Storyteller

Every one of us loves listening to stories. It’s in our nature and we appreciate it if the story is really awesome. We even reciprocate the same story to others.

Just think about the marketing campaigns you remember. Were they just the statistics or data?

No, they just evoked a reaction in your mind by telling a story. Right? Your content should be written in a storytelling tone or should have decent examples to cover up.

Share stories that create emotions in the heart of the reader. In this way, the reader feels connected and will share your word with others as well.

In return, you get hundreds of new visitors to your website that can convert to a customer.

The Bottom Line

Content marketing is all about using the power of words and strategically mixing the power with elements like video, infographics, and images. You need to have a solid content marketing strategy if you really wish to improve traffic on your website. Writing content will not help you drive more traffic, but creativity will.


If you have any questions, please ask below!