5 SEO Challenges You Need To Face In This 2018

Organizations of all kinds are trying to stay ahead of the search engine optimization curve. Regardless, in 2018 there will be some new challenges in the world of SEO, and being prepared for them is essential to marketing success.

ROI Continues to be Hard to Track

As companies start to see the long-term results of SEO ad and marketing spend, they are noticing how nebulous the numbers are. The importance of being highly ranked on search engines is clear, but the exact sales that are connected to that important feature are harder to prove.

This year, an excellent software for understanding analytics on your website and social media accounts will be more important than ever. Using powerful big data analytics tools allows you to show direct links between sales and your SEO spending, as well as pointing out how your long-term brand identity is being built even when sales don’t come immediately. Now is the time to build the case for your business’ investment in long-term SEO strategy.

Facing the Challenges of Voice Search Via Voice-Activated Speakers

As Amazon’s Dot, Google’s Home, and Apple’s Siri all get more use because of increasing accuracy in voice recognition software, SEO design must rise to meet the demand. Specifically, the kinds of keywords that people naturally type are not the same ones they naturally say out loud. Optimizing your content for voice-search-engine-optimization is incredibly important as more and more of these verbal search are conducted.

This challenge is not a shift, but rather an addition, to your current SEO practices. Doing research into the voice keywords that are likely to connect searchers with your brand is a valuable way to stay ahead of your competitors in a market that is rapidly growing . This can be through hiring a firm, like ROIGROUP, the SEO specialist, or through teaching new tips and tricks to their marketing staff.

Creating Quality Content for Long-Term SEO Takes Time

With skimming and quick posts being the order of the day for many internet browsers, it is tempting to create very small, compact kinds of posts. This year, however, the challenge is not just to have the best SEO, but also the content that is the most valuable. This means:

  • long posts of 1500-2000 words, since they tend to perform very well in search engines.
  • how-to content and valuable educational pieces.
  • thought leadership that shows your company is connected to the pulses of the industry.
  • unique content that isn’t simply rephrasing of your competitor’s websites.

UX is being Factored in Alongside Keywords

As search engines evolve, they are growing to take into account factors of User Experience in addition to keywords and past algorithm aspects. This means your website needs to perform highly on other aspects, including:

  • loading quickly, with very few clunky high-resolution graphics.
  • using video content to draw in users.
  • easy ability to be scanned, and great design that quickly gets readers where they want to go.

These factors, measured by actual site visitors’ experiences, contribute to your overall performance.

Gaining Ground in the Local Search Rankings

When your business has any kind of local component, being findable on Google Maps as well as other geo-tagged sites within your industry is becoming more and more important. Even for non-brick-and-mortar stores, the popularity of “local” businesses means that you want to be in some way tied to a locality in your SEO. Find a way to make your product or service connected to the local community, since leads become customers when they realize you are the “most local” option.

With these major challenges on the horizon throughout 2018, the meaning of SEO is truly expanding. However, your marketing content can easily rise to these challenges, and in the process become leading-edge website copy within your industry.

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