12 Smart High Return SEO Techniques with Less Effort for 2019

High Return SEO Techniques

It requires a lot of hard effort and time to rank your website higher in the search engines. But, some SEO techniques are there that can be implemented easily and will surely bring the most desired result. You can actually do it yourself by following the right SEO strategies. Go through this blog to know about 12 effective high return SEO techniques with less effort for the year 2019.

  1. Optimise headings and titles – Your web pages should target the relevant keywords. The title tag possesses maximum weight in search engine optimisation. The closer the important keyword might be in the beginning, the better it will be for SEO benefit. Make sure you add keywords to your headings too.
  2. Prioritize web pages in site navigation – Navigation is considered to be the important structural element for your site. This is the first thing for linking to other webpages and thus, is usually at the top of the page, providing more weight to the links.
  3. Install SSL certificate – SSL is an important factor ranking since it provides complete security. With cybercrime increasing every day, more people share confidential data on the web. Change your domain’s nameservers to reveal CloudFlare and then CloudFlare will act as a filter by blocking the spam and bad IPs from reaching your server.
  4. Secure Google Maps listings – With Google MyBusiness, you can list your site several times on Google and it will also link back to your site. Thus, people will be able to find your website easily. After creating your listing, fill out all important details correctly. Social Media profiles can help in getting backlinks to your website. Add pictures of your products and location to gain trust of clients.
  5. Optimise and compress images – Images occupy physical space on user’s device and server thus, taking more time for loading. Slow loading images have a great impact on the conversions and images actually require the longest time to load.
  6. Improve speed of your website – Other elements that may affect the loading speed of your site are different files in most cases. However, it may be due to database queries or PHP queries that take long time to load.
  7. Interlink to relevant sites with rich anchor texts – You may use interlinking for linking to important web pages with rich anchor texts. If you prefer other sites linking to your website, it is necessary to share other’s content in order for getting relevant links.
  8. Increase shareability of your posts and pages – Use social media for getting more traffic to your site and becoming viral. Even though people go through your content and click on the like button, they won’t share it unless you facilitate this process. Include share buttons on your pages and if there is a CMS, you will also have a plugin for you.
  9. Take reviews of friends and customers – After you secure Google MyBusiness listing, try to get reviews from your customers and friends. Thus, the higher the listing ranks, the better value it will provide for your website and business.
  10. Post informative and quality content – You should post quality content in order to increase more traffic to your website. Post blogs regularly so that Google finds your site active and you will be able to earn new backlinks.
  11. Make your site mobile friendly – Depending on how old your site is, you will have to redesign and then rebuild from the scratch. However, it is definitely worth it since Google has moved to mobile first indexing process. This means Google can rank the web pages depending on how users view them on mobile devices.
  12. Acquire backlinks of your competitorsBacklinks are extremely effective though they are hard to be attained. Some offpage SEO tactics allow you to get high quality backlinks that will work easily. Once you evaluate your website carefully and know your competitors well, you will be able to discover referring domains between the websites with our tool.

Thus, you probably have heard about all these above-discussed SEO tips earlier but have not yet tried them out. It is not that easy to implement all these SEO strategies but you can definitely improve your site ranking by following them properly.

If you want to rank your site higher on search engines, then it is important to follow SEO techniques for 2019. Thus, you can improve traffic and conversions.

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