10 Techniques that Lead to Increased Site Traffic

Turning from basic SEO methods to advanced ones lies in your hands through smart planning and devising.

You know well that Google is the internet giant much in use for products and services.

You need more clicks for your website to rank high in Google search. Even a slight increase like 17% of clicks takes you high in the ranks of Google search.

What to do for this? Are you ready to follow these techniques for increasing your search traffic?

#1. Make an audit of your site framework

When you audit your site framework, you understand why you get less traffic and sales. Auditing helps you review your site performance and make smart decisions in load time and page size.

Take care of the creation of heading tags as they are important SEO elements. Let the characters be minimized up to 65 in number for effective headings.

#2. Research data via end-user value

Base your content on the feedback from the users of a service or product. It helps you determine what kind of content you need to generate on a regular basis.

How to get data about your user’s interests?

Use social media platforms and find out which people’s favorite spots are and what topics they are interested in talking. Quora-like platforms excite people with their hot queries and responses. You can follow such platforms and extract ideas for your topics from best answers given for interesting queries.

Use keyword research also for effective content. When you answer the users’ queries through your content, your traffic improves and also your conversion rate increases.

#3. Create landing pages which are more optimized

Open more landing pages for providing more gateways for search traffic.

Well-designed landing pages lead to more sales.

Your landing pages open up the relationship with your customers and attract them to know who you are.

Effective landing pages increase tweets, inbound link, and facebook likes.

How to optimize your landing pages?

Have a long tail keyword to create your landing page. Do not stuff the keywords. Write lengthy content like 2000+ words to prove valuable in the eyes of Google for a high rank.

Write useful content in your landing page compelling your reader to go to the next step. Add headline, subtitles and bulletin points to your landing page. Design your page attracts half of the traffic.

Build links to your landing page. Have quality links for ranking high in Google.

#4. Make your site mobile friendly and responsive

Mobile search queries have increased at random with more mobile users every day. Capitalize on this fact with a mobile-friendly site helping mobile users use your site for their purpose. Google strongly supports mobile-friendly sites.

#5. Bank on your infographic power

There is much power in infographics. When you present something visual, it increases your web traffic. It is because human brain processes visual information faster and better.

How to generate more visitors to your site through your infographics?

Choose an interesting topic and present relevant visuals through infographic tools. Dribble presents professional infographic designer.

Write fresh content for your infographics.Fresh contents inspire the search users and if it is 2000+ words, it definitely increases your site traffic. On submitting your infographics to top infographics directories, you are sure to increase traffic to your site.

#6. Implement LSI (Latest Semantic indexing)

Google considers LSI for ranking your site. LSI brings synonyms for keywords. You help Google understand the topic your write with LSI and can improve your search rankings. LSI keywords help you avoid stuffing of keywords. They showcase different spelling and structure.

#7. Look for competitor’s live keywords

Spy on competitors’ keywords and use them for writing better content. You can use SEMrush for finding out your competitor’s live keywords.

#8. Leverage powerful social platforms

Docstoc, Slideshare and Blogger like authoritative social platforms help you with a fan base and better Google ranking. Choose trendy topics for your post and improve your site traffic.

#9. Deep linking to internal pages and refreshing archive pages

These two techniques show the depth of the pages of your site allowing you to rank high in Google.

#10. Stop old school SEO methods

Spammy guest blogging, optimized anchors, giving importance to quantity of links instead of quality, keyword heavy content and relying more on link-backs are some old school SEO methods which you need to stop for improving your site.

Are these techniques handy and useful?

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