You can Get Heard! SAY IT LOUD with Copywriting

Copywriting is an art of conveying the thoughts of a brand to its users. It converts the thoughts and visions of the brand into magical words. Its main purpose is to connect and attract maximum people creating a meaningful brand awareness. In today’s world it is easy to sell a product with some tactics, but to sell a brand and have fruits of all the years spent by the seller to sell is pretty difficult. There is a reason term Goodwill is considered in the asset and apart from the assets of the firm, the goodwill is the value of the brand you have created over years. To make everyone aware of your brand you need copywriting. That is why marketers are appointed to form a brand image and former to that create a vast brand awareness and brand knowledge. All these activities lead to brand loyalty and everlasting fruits of selling products at premium rates to maximum people. But it all starts with Brand awareness, and to spread brand awareness you need copywriting. The article is divided into the levels of Brand Awareness and how copywriting plays an important role in it.

Levels of Brand Awareness:

  1. Brand identity
  2. Brand meaning
  3. Brand responses
  4. Brand relationships

Look at how Copywriting plays its role on these levels of Brand Awareness


Copywriting in Brand Identity:

To make it simple, it is like you are answering a question “Who are you?” all the activities done are make you brand identified by the end users. That is where the copywriting steps in. Because to spread your name across your target audiences marketers use ‘n’ number of tools like advertising, campaigns, testimonials, research and many other things. Now pick up anything from that list, the content made for that segment are all copy write content. But now a days the work of copywriter is much broader, they not only create content but they are responsible for creating the whole concept. They are the directional backbone of the whole idea. And they also remain present at the actual shoot of advertisements. Copywriters also design the advertisements for radio advertisement. When it comes to Print media they not only focus on content but they are the part of the creative team and work with content as well as visuals and sometimes also with Info Graphics. All these activities are the efforts of the marketer to establish you in the market as well as in the minds of the target audience. Now a days marketers and copywriters are using virtual grounds of the web to establish themselves. It is very thorough as you focus on keywords and you get to directly contact your target audience with no collateral cost and leading to best marketing at least possible rate.

Copywriting in Brand Meaning:

The question popped to answer here is “What are you here for?” once your brand name enters the mind of the audience the second question that pops is What do you offer, for that the content developed by the copywriter are very different. They now bring forth the following content i.e. Vision of the brand, Mission of the brand and taglines. All these content of any company will give you an exact view of what they are and what they offer. All these content are carefully developed by Copywriter and cleverly used by the marketer to pitch the image of the brand in the mind of the target audience. This allows you to make an impression in their mind and all you need to do is reach to their Top Of Mind (TOM).

Copywriting in Brand Responses:

This step is when marketer makes sure that customers respond to all the things you have incepted in their mind and create an aura of Positive Word Of Mouth (WOM). There are many approaches and tactics used to understand the behavior of their customers. The tactics are group discussions with control or the independent environment, as well as an observational approach to understanding the behavior of customers. The creativity of copy writer is to create right questions whose answers can be directly quantified into data and help measure the value of the brand in the mind of the customer. There are lots of examples of re-branding after this step. That is an error made by copywriters in the above steps of pitching an image of the brand. If you fail to place an image you want in the mind of the customers then you need to reestablish the whole brand. Thus, this is the step where the efforts of copywriter and marketer are measured and quantified. There are ways where copywriters create such clever content in the form of research questions that you can get raw data of a customer’s mind without creating any prompt or tempt in the mind of the customer. That is you get perfect neutral vibes of your customer.

Copywriting in Brand Relationship:

Now comes the stage where you try to the fruits of all the efforts put on by the marketer in establishing a brand in the mind of their customers. That is you convert a happy customer into a Loyal Customer of the brand. That is achieved by approaching the customer even after the sale of the product. You keep in touch with the customer and make ask for their reviews. It is also important to retain the brand in the mind of the customer. You directly or indirectly through different ways and campaigns plan to make customers retain your brand in their mind. All that campaigns are carefully designed by copywriters and creative team to hit the customer at a right time and they make sure to make them recall your brand next time they go out for purchase. My personal favorite in that section is Cadbury Dairy milk and Maggi. They come up with amazing campaigns to make their customers recall their brand at the right time. Observe that Cadbury pitches more or new advertisements during festivals and also they focus on different age groups at a different time. That is a clever work of copywriter, marketer and Advertiser all as one.

Thus, now you know how you can use copywriting at different phases of your brand and mind you, it is a continuous process, you need to hit your customers with not only different campaigns but also some innovation in your products and services


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